27.05.2021 Social Justice 3 Months Later, Benue Hospital Yet to Apologise to Woman Whose Breast it Erroneously Removed

Published 27th May, 2021

By Socrates Mbamalu

The Benue State University Teaching Hospital (BSUTH) has failed to issue an official apology to Serah Yugh, the young lady who had undergone 25 rounds of radiotherapy only to discover she had been misdiagnosed with cancer by the hospital.

Serah, whose story went viral after FIJ reported it on March 2, said she has been struggling to get a job and battles depression. Yugh had undergone treatment with the help of two Kaduna-based NGOs, Project Pink Blue and Kunak.

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Serah had undergone a mastectomy and was to seek further treatment which required a histology and immunohistochemistry test. The doctors at BSUTH had told her they could not find the tissue block that was said to contain cancer. Months later, they would finally admit to her that they had made a mistake with the diagnosis.

One of Serah’s demands was an official apology in which the hospital acknowledged it had made an error. But as of the time of this report, Serah has received no apology from the hospital.

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Published 27th May, 2021

By Socrates Mbamalu


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