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14.03.2023 Featured 4 Months After, Man Who Lost ₦191,200 While FCMB ATM Held His Card Has Not Got Back His Money

Published 14th Mar, 2023

By Sodeeq Atanda

Almost four months after N191,200 disappeared from Olusegun Fatunmibi’s Polaris Bank account, he has not got a refund.

Fatunmbi told FIJ that after FIJ reported the story on November 26, 2022, he got a message from the bank that they were investigating the cause of the fund disappearance.

“Shortly after FIJ published the story, I got some messages from the bank assuring me that they were investigating the incident and would revert once they concluded it,” Fatunmbi told FIJ.

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Having attempted to make the bank look into the issue, he said the message gave him hope of a positive resolution, and he kept speaking with the bank on Twitter.

“In one of the messages, the bank assured me of a refund after their investigation, and I patiently followed up the matter until they came back and said my debit card was swapped with a decoy card by an unknown person.”

Response from FCMB

In a screenshot of the bank’s response obtained by FIJ, the bank claimed “there is no fund to be recovered”.

Please be informed that the feedback received goes thus “The ATM card was likely swapped at the terminal. A decoy card was retained while his original card was used for the transactions. Kindly include his masked PAN for the possible retrieval of some transaction receipts while you note that there is no fund to be recovered.”

“While that was not the response I had hoped for, I still asked them to enable me to see CCTV footage to show how the card swap happened. They have gone silent since then.”

Chats between Fatunmbi and Polaris Bank
Chats between Fatunmbi and Polaris Bank

Fatunmbi had recounted how the money left his account on October 4, 2022, while his bank card was held by a First City Monument Bank ATM in the Palmgroove area of Lagos State.

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“My ATM card got stuck in an FCMB ATM in Palmgroove on October 4. I waited for about 30 minutes with the hope that the card would be released by the machine, but that did not happen,” he said.

“I had not left the ATM point when I received alerts for withdrawals totalling N191,200. This got me confused as I had not authenticated any transaction and my ATM card was still hooked in the machine.

“The transaction amounts that impacted my account are as follows: N10,200, N50,000, N50,000, N51,000 and N30,000.”

A male customer service executive responded to FIJ’s inquiry over the phone on Monday, saying he could not speak to a third-party and asked that the customer call the bank.

Subsequently, a customer service officer told Fatunmbi on Tuesday that there was nothing the bank could do because it was withdrawn through a point of sale machine.

Published 14th Mar, 2023

By Sodeeq Atanda


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