Oluwatobi Christopher Omoyosi

24.03.2023 Featured 6 Months After, Ibadan Doctor Yet to Release Bank Statement Showing He Received Excess N212,500 From Entrepreneur

Published 24th Mar, 2023

By Joseph Adeiye

Oluwatobi Christopher Omoyosi, a medical doctor based in Ibadan, Oyo State, has refused to present a bank account statement that could prove he received N212,500 erroneously transferred to him by Quadri Abesin for a phone downgrade in August 2022.

FIJ had published a report detailing how Abesin, a gadget entrepreneur in Lagos, mistakenly transferred N212,500 to Omoyosi twice after both reached a phone swap deal.

Abesin and Omoyosi, both of whom had attended the University of Ibadan, were connected by a mutual friend.

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“The kind of transaction I had with Omoyosi is what is called a phone downgrade. He wanted to exchange a phone that is of high grade for a phone that is of low grade,” Abesin told FIJ.

Abesin said that he and Omoyosi spoke on the phone and exchanged several WhatsApp chats concerning the latter’s phone.

“He then sent his phone to my office in Ikeja, and we agreed on a valuation,” Abesin said.

“On August 11, I got the new Samsung phone that I was to send to him ready and also transferred the agreed N212,500 balance to him.

“The transfer was done via my Sterling Bank corporate account. He later told me he had not seen the credit alert and even made it seem like I did a fake bank transfer. But I didn’t even bother because I had been debited for the said transaction.”

Omoyosi insisted that he had not received the initial transfer, so Abesin checked his bank account and found a reversal. Abesin moved his funds to a different bank account and transferred the N212,500 again.

A few days later, Abesin’s bank called to notify him that the credit reversal notification was erroneous. The bank manager said that the initial N212,500 transfer was successful.

Omoyosi denied receiving the money, but an internal probe revealed that he received the initial N212,500 on August 15.

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“I told him that we had seen that he received the money on August 15. So, I told him to provide his account statement for just August 15. He has been on it for weeks without a response,” Abesin told FIJ.

FIJ called Omoyosi, and he responded via a text message:

“He (Abesin) brought this to my attention, which I forwarded to my bank. I also sent him my statement when this started,” Omoyosi wrote.

The only problem was that Omoyosi sent a bank statement excluding the actual date his account was reportedly credited.

Six months have passed since Omoyosi promised to present the full bank statement. He is yet to provide his account statement for just August 15.

Published 24th Mar, 2023

By Joseph Adeiye


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