05.03.2021 investigations ‘A Hardened Scammer’ — More Victims of Ireti Doyle’s Daughter’s Hair Scam Speak Out After FIJ’s Story

Published 5th Mar, 2021

By Damilola Adeyera

More members of the public who transacted hair business with Ngozikachi Abimbola  Onyeluo, the Chief Executive Officer of Kachi Beauty Products and daughter of popular Nollywood actress Ireti Doyle, but were swindled have come out to relive their experiences.

These hair enthusiasts shared their stories following an investigative report by FIJ which revealed how Kachi, through her hair business scheme scammed unsuspecting buyers who joined her wholesale distribution. A number of them called for her arrest. 

After the report was published on Thursday, FIJ received (and is still receiving) complaints by several buyers. These complaints were posted on social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram. 

Some of the comments on FIJ’s Instagram read: 

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She still has my 300k since August last year when she did batch c sale.” — Nelomariah23.

“Kachi is with my 80k.pls help us.” —Nwachukwu Oluchi

“Please let all be forwarding this to people’s dm and make it go far @fij_ng if you can run a live show a all victim to command air their experience, posts cannot move this Abimbola she is a hardened thief just like her yahoo husband and her mother is obviously a thief . Let begun to do live shows for her that will attract more people as we air our experience, she is owing me over 3.5 million.” — Luxuries by pleasant glow

“Distributors package,.refund my money so I can pay up the loan you made me incurred so we can go our separate ways.” —Pretty. Ddy: 

“Refund my 300k and stop being heartless.” —Blenwoman: 

“Kachi is the biggest scammer I have ever seen, she is soo rude, it will never be well with her ooo she is holding my 206000 for the past six months now no product no refund.” — Hairvolution beauty.

“So this is what I heard from a right source oo .. for the wholesale deal , I head Kachi wrote terms and conditions, people who bought from the wholesale deal didn’t read that part they just went ahead and payed …if you bought from her whole sales deal the money is gone except you followed the terms and conditions, I don’t think she will pay them oo , na Wetin I hear from someone very close to her.” — Bolu2704.

“Paid 80k since may last year when I was just 4 months pregnant, now my baby is four months old, no hair and no refund!! Imagine that I wanted to use the returns of the money to buy baby things only to be stranded by Kachi!! Once I asked for refund, she blocked me !! How can you take someone’s money refused to deliver and also refuse to refund !! The audacity this Kachi lady has is what is amazing, anyway I don’t blame it’s cause our justice system is wack. If not she go refund me my money , pay for demurrage and for emotional distress.” — Shawtymj. 

“My God is not their gods.@kachibeautyproducts did you see me calling you again.The way to get my money back is on process.you will come down to Anambra your self and you must pay me with interest.This is the request I made .you will suffer. She is heartless and wicked.if she refused to pay go and petition her at the any of the super shrine in Anambra state.no pity for a heartless bitch.I am Zita,you blocked me,you will suffer I promise you that.” —Onyekazy. 

“I’m a Victim too … Her customer care representatives are the worst.” — _theonlylolo. 

 “Hmmmmmm…..I thank God I was able to get my money back with serious prayers.” — iam_rike.

“This information u pasted is the one you verified by yourself . I put it to you that Kachi sold wigs to over 2,500 women and she received payments in excess of N1.5B into her GT and UBA bank accounts . Im being very conservative . Kachi did not deliver 10% of the wigs purchased from her . She is owing people in excess of N1billion and should be arrested.” — Kachi petition.

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Other comments are below:

2 replies on “‘A Hardened Scammer’ — More Victims of Ireti Doyle’s Daughter’s Hair Scam Speak Out After FIJ’s Story”

Thank you fig all this write-up about this wicked womnm is absolutely true am a victim of her hair business kachi promise to make all her masses millionaire in few months saying that if we buy the hair in lower price that we can sell it the Normal price they are selling in the market am eniye lmade kachi is owing me N154,000 since may last YEAR I know kachi through my younger sister marynna she also bought hair from kachi and the stupid woman is owing her too N510,000,in all kachi promise to deliver in August up til now know hair no money and she has been buying her way out since whenever we go to Authorities like most news paper she lied that she’s has started refunding which is a big lie please you people should beg her to me us cos I borrowed money to buy the hair since last year have been depressed cos the person I borrowed money from us on my neck 😭😭😭kachi it will not be well with you for putting me through pains

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Published 5th Mar, 2021

By Damilola Adeyera


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