20.07.2021 Social Justice Adelove Shipping Fails to Deliver Luggage from Houston to Lagos 7 Months after

Published 20th Jul, 2021

By Damilola Ayeni

For seven months, Adelove Shipping, a cargo freight company with head office in Houston, Texas, has held on to five boxes of baby items belonging to Blessing Rita.

Rita’s sister had on December 2, 2020, dropped off the luggage at the Houston office of the company for onward shipping to Nigeria for a fee of $500.

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The luggage was to be delivered in three months, but it wouldn’t be discharged at the Apapa Sea Port until April 20, 2021.

“I called Houston office to ask how long it would take for my stuff to be cleared and delivered to me,” Rita told FIJ.

“It was at that point that a worker called Tolulope at the Houston office made it known that I had been given a wrong tracking number.

Rita’s receipt from Adeloveshipping

“She gave me another that showed that the container had been discharged on April 20. Since then, I have been calling to ask for updates on the luggage and how long it would take me to get it.” 

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Rita’s babies who were meant to use the items in the luggage have now outgrown them.

 “I went to Adeloveshipping’s Abuja office, but the janitor threatened to lock me up in the building when I asked for the reason I had not received my luggage,” Rita continued.

A Lagos representative of Adeloveshipping who spoke with FIJ said Rita had not paid for delivery to her address. But in her reaction, Rita said the problem wasn’t about delivery address.

“The issue here is that these items were collected since the second of December, last year. We were told it would take three months but [we haven’t got it till now]. They don’t take my calls or respond to my messages,” she said.

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Following the conversation with FIJ, Adelove Shipping told Rita that her luggage was at the port, and did nothing more. Rita’s husband then informed the police who got the company to sign an undertaking that it would deliver the luggage on or before June 31.

In spite of all, the luggage has not been delivered.

“I contacted the CEO,” Rita said, “But he never responded to my messages.”  

Published 20th Jul, 2021

By Damilola Ayeni


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