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17.05.2023 Featured Aero Contractors Still Processing Customer’s N84,000 Two Months After Cancelling Flight

Published 17th May, 2023

By Abimbola Abatta

Aero Contractors is yet to return N84,510 to Nne Oma (not real name), an Abuja resident, two months after her flight was cancelled due to technical issues.

Oma told FIJ that she booked a round-trip ticket for flights scheduled for March 5 and 9 to visit her father who was ill but the airline cancelled the flight the morning she was supposed to travel and still failed to refund her ticket fee.

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The payment receipt to Aero Contractor
The payment receipt

Oma said she filled out a refund form on March 7, with the hope that the money would be refunded on time so she could book another flight.

But her bank account has not been credited since then, despite including her bank account information in the form she filled.

“I went to their office to plead for cash so I could buy another ticket to see my dad. He passed away, and I still did not get my money,” said Oma.

Aero Contractor refund form
The refund form
The flight information
The flight information

“I sent several emails to them, explaining why I needed the money. I called them several times, yet they never sent my money,” she said.

It’s been over two months without hope of getting my money from them.”

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When FIJ called the airline on Tuesday, a customer care representative said the refund was being processed and awaiting payment.

The airline official also claimed that Oma did not include her account details in the refund form, but a copy of the form obtained by FIJ showed otherwise.

“Tell the customer to fill the refund form again and include her account details. She should send it to the company’s email for refunds.”

Although he did not specify when Oma would get the money, he said Oma would definitely get her money.

Published 17th May, 2023

By Abimbola Abatta


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