06.11.2022 Featured After Duplicate Transaction, GTBank Withholds Customer’s N100,000

Published 6th Nov, 2022

By Sodeeq Atanda

Folami Ajibola, a Nigerian schooling abroad, has narrated how Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) failed to refund his ₦100,000 after a duplicate transaction on October 11.

He told FIJ that he had transferred N100,000 to his Msport betting account via his GTBank account thinking the transaction would be seamless.

Ajibola told FIJ that due to an internet connection problem, the fund transfer wasn’t successful until the second attempt.

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“The first transaction was unsuccessful,” he told FIJ. “So, I did it again, and it was successful. Immediately, I received a debit alert for the second transaction.”

Screenshot of both transactions
Screenshot of both transactions

“Some minutes later, another message came in, and it was a debit alert for the first transaction, which had failed. I immediately knew there was a problem.

“Initially, I thought it was a usual network glitch and it would be reversed within 24 hours. But now, 24 hours have turned into weeks with no assurance of a refund from the bank.”

He said after 24 hours, he reached out to the bank via its Twitter handle to lay his complaint and the bank responded.

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“They asked me to provide certain information, which I did immediately,” he said.

Screenshot of GTBank's request
Screenshot of GTBank’s request
Screenshot of Ajibola's response to the bank's request
Screenshot of Ajibola’s response to the bank’s request

“In their response to the information I supplied, they said they had escalated my complaint for a resolution and would revert as soon as they got an update.

“But till now, they have not resolved the issue. I am sad. I am a student in a foreign country, and this money has been impacting negatively on my upkeep on campus.”

Ajibola told FIJ that thinking the error emanated from Paystack, an online payment gateway, he also contacted the company via email, but they told him the error was not from them.

Screenshot of the response from Paystack
Screenshot of the response from Paystack

He told FIJ that a source within the bank later confirmed to him that the transaction was marked ‘duplicate’ but the refund had not been processed.

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“Due to the persistent pressure on the bank, an insider revealed to me that the transaction was marked ‘duplicate’, yet the bank is not refunding the money to me,” he told FIJ.

Details of the transaction as shown on the bank's system
Details of the transaction as shown on the bank’s system

FIJ contacted GTB, but they are yet to give a relevant response.

Published 6th Nov, 2022

By Sodeeq Atanda


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