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10.07.2024 Featured After FIJ’s Intervention, Hazel Hair Delivers N291,000 Hair Package to Cameroonian Customer

Published 10th Jul, 2024

By Tola Owoyele

Hazel Hair, a Nigeria-based online beauty and cosmetics outfit, has delivered a N291,000 package containing human hair to Fany Josiane, a Cameroonian customer.

This came after FIJ intervened in a 10-month delivery dispute between the customer and the outfit.

Josiane, a resident of Dschang, a city in the western province of Cameroon, had reached out to FIJ to complain about how she paid the sum to Hazel Hair for several pieces of human hair but would not get her goods.

“In early October 2023, I paid N291,000 to Hazel Hair for the purchase of a variety of human hair that included pixie curls, long brunette and long bob wigs,” Josiane told FIJ.

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“After I made the payment, Faith Ikeson, the CEO of Hazel Hair, told me the goods would be delivered to me within 15 working days. When I heard that, I was hoping I would receive the package at the end of the same month, October.

“To my utter dismay, Hazel Hair failed to deliver my package to me at the end of October as promised. The CEO then started coming up with different excuses anytime I approached her, giving me the feeling that she was not planning to deliver what I ordered to me.

The goods received by Josiane
The goods received by Josiane

“I cried and begged her to send me the package, but she would not budge. She would, from time to time, send me pictures of packages, claiming they were mine. And this would, in turn, raise my hopes whenever she did. In the end, however, the packages were never delivered to me.

“When I got fed up, I asked her to refund my money, but she immediately told me her company operated a no-refund policy. At that point, I lost all hopes.”

At the beginning of July, a family friend advised Josiane to reach out to FIJ on the issue.

After listening to the Cameroonian’s complaint between July 3 and 4, FIJ reached out to Ikeson on July 5, demanding to know why it had taken 10 months to deliver the Cameroonian’s goods to her and asking her to state the exact time the delivery would be made.

In response, Ikeson said Josiane’s order had been “sorted” and the package would be delivered to her the following week.

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On Wednesday morning, a delighted Josiane phoned FIJ to say she had finally taken delivery of the package.

“I thank you so much, FIJ. I thank you for your help. I am grateful,” Josiane said.

“I am not even a Nigerian, and you still did not discriminate against me. You also helped me resolve a matter I had been battling for 10 months. It did not even take you a week. I am very grateful.

“When the family friend first introduced FIJ to me, I didn’t think anything worthwhile could come out of my complaint. I won’t lie; I almost did not reach out to you. Now, I am glad I eventually did. Thank you, FIJ. God bless you.”

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Published 10th Jul, 2024

By Tola Owoyele


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