14.06.2024 Featured After FIJ’s Intervention, UBA Refunds Businessman’s N200,000

Published 14th Jun, 2024

By Opeyemi Lawal

The United Bank for Africa (UBA) has refunded N200,000 mistakenly sent by Olalekan Ajala, an Osun-based businessman, to Oluwafemi Ajala.

Olalekan told FIJ that he mistakenly sent the sum to Oluwafemi in September 2023 from his Nomba account, a fintech platform, in an attempt to credit his own UBA account.

He stated that while he was making the transaction, he assumed the name ‘Oluwafemi Ajala’, which was saved on his app as a beneficiary, was his, so he just clicked the option without double-checking.

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“On September 11, I attempted to credit my UBA account from my Nomba app, but I didn’t realise I had another ‘Ajala’ saved as a beneficiary on my app,” he told FIJ.

“The last name was all I saw before I clicked the send option. However, after about five minutes, I realised my UBA account was not credited, which is unusual. I contacted Nomba’s customer care agent, and that was when I got clarity that I had sent the money to a different account.”

What followed for Olalekan was a long process of obtaining a court order stating the transaction was a mistake and Oluwafemi providing a consent letter to UBA that the sum be deducted from his account.

“After I realised what I had done, I contacted UBA, and they said they could not withdraw the money from the beneficiary’s account unless there was written consent from him and a court order authorising it,” he said.

“I got the court order and also got Oluwafemi to write a consent letter to UBA, asking for the money to be withdrawn from his account. On February 23, we went to the banking hall together and submitted the letter to them.

Snapshots of the refund to Olalekan
Snapshots of the refund to Olalekan

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“Surprisingly, UBA deducted the money from Oluwafemi’s account but failed to credit Nomba or credit my UBA account where the money was meant to be sent.

“I contacted Nomba and UBA several times, and it was becoming frustrating. Both institutions tossed me back and forth. Every time I reached out to them, they had a different story to tell.”

On June 7, FIJ sent an email to UBA requesting details on the hanging transaction. At first, UBA requested that the beneficiary provide a consent letter for the reversal of the funds. However, after several email exchanges, Olalekan was credited.

“I just got a reversal of the N200,000,” a happy Olalekan told FIJ on Thursday evening. “Thank you, FIJ. I am grateful.”

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Published 14th Jun, 2024

By Opeyemi Lawal


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