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04.08.2022 Featured After FIJ’s Story, Airtel Reactivates Customer’s SIM Card Blocked for No Reason

Published 4th Aug, 2022

By Joseph Adeiye

Airtel Nigeria has reactivated Eseoghene Ejidje’s Closed Users Group (CUG) SIM card that was rendered inactive for no clear reason. 

Ejidje told FIJ that Airtel resolved the sudden deactivation of his CUG SIM card on Wednesday. 

“Airtel replaced the SIM card. Initially, they had said that they couldn’t replace the SIM till a month or three months after the deactivation. The Airtel main office handled it and communicated with the shop,” Ejidje said. 

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“They called me on Sunday night, and today (Wednesday) was the final resolution. 

“Airtel directly retrieved the SIM and they replaced it. The phone number has been restored and it is functioning now. It also retained its CUG status. Thank you very much.” 

FIJ had reported how Airtel told Ejidje to wait for three months after one of the two new SIM cards he bought from them stopped functioning. 

Ejidje told FIJ that he had paid N1,000 for both SIM cards and subscribed for a month.

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“When it stopped working on the morning of July 22, I immediately contacted Airtel’s customer service on their 111 care line to complain, but they told me that the line had been ‘churned’,” Ejidje said.

“The Airtel agent further said that a line can be ‘churned’ when it has been inactive for 365 days. I told the agent that we had only used these SIM cards for three weeks and they had been functioning properly.”

Ejidje said he subsequently visited the Airtel Service Centre, where he bought the SIM cards, but was told that nothing could be done about the deactivation. 

Published 4th Aug, 2022

By Joseph Adeiye


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