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17.08.2022 Featured After FIJ’s Story, Expertnaire ‘Freezes’ Vera Coker’s Account, Begins Probe

Published 17th Aug, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu

Expertnaire, an online digital marketplace, has placed the account of Vera Coker, an affiliate marketer with the company, on hold for fraudulent practices.

Reacting to a report by FIJ, which exposed how Coker and others lured prospective investors with fake profits, the company distanced itself from her on Tuesday and promised to investigate the matter.

In a Twitter thread via its official handle, @expertnaire, the company said, “We’ve gone ahead to place the affiliate’s account on hold while our anti-fraud unit carries out its own in-house investigation. And thank you FIJ for alerting us to this.”

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Its full statement read:

Dear Expertnaire Affiliates, Our attention has recently been drawn to a piece by Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) concerning one of our affiliates.

We’ve gone through the report and while we applaud FIJ for their investigation and bringing this to light. We’d like to clarify once again to the public what Expertnaire is and what we do.

Expertnaire is not an investment scheme. We’re a digital product marketplace and affiliate marketing platform. Our business model is simple – we help vendors with helpful solutions connect with customers who need these solutions through our affiliates. And everyone makes money in the process.

There’s no difference between what we do and your offline markets – we’re just online and only deal with digital products.

We don’t support doctoring, Photoshoping or altering and editing images of earnings. We regularly close accounts of affiliates found to be doing any of these and we encourage the public to bring any of such reports to us.

While teaching people affiliate marketing and helping them in their online business journey, there’s nowhere where we teach people to lie or make claims about earnings that aren’t theirs. You can go through our timeline to confirm this.

Expertnaire doesn’t associate with fraudulent affiliates or activities. We never have and we never will. We’ve gone ahead to place the affiliate’s account on hold while our Anti-Fraud unit carries out its own in-house investigation. And thank you FIJ for alerting us to this.

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FIJ had shown how Coker headed a WhatsApp group on which she taught new affiliate marketers to manipulate images to show they earned from Expertnaire when they did not.

When FIJ called Coker, she admitted to working with Expertnaire but denied the allegations.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, and please don’t call this number again,” she said.

She later called our reporter back, demanding to know his source. When he would not tell her, she hurled insults at him and hung up.

Published 17th Aug, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu


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