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23.01.2023 Featured After FIJ’s Story, Lafia Lecturer Refunds N100,000 Fraudulently Obtained From Teacher

Published 23rd Jan, 2023

By Emmanuel Uti

Andrew Yakubu, a former lecturer at the Federal University of Lafia, has paid N102,000 in restitution to James Ogberu, a Lafia-based teacher, after duping him out of N100,000.

This development came four weeks after FIJ reported how the former lecturer, now head of Lafia Comprehensive School, fleeced Ogberu on the pretext of helping him get a job at the Federal University of Lafia.

Ogberu told FIJ that Yakubu refunded his money on Monday morning via his personal assistant, two years after collecting it.

He also said he was grateful FIJ’s intervention in the issue expedited the refund process, which lasted two years.

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“I received my money today. I am so happy and thankful. I didn’t know one could still get justice in this country. Thank you, FIJ, for helping me get back my money,” Ogberu told FIJ.

Refund from the lecturer

Ogberu also said that when he asked Yakubu’s personal assistant why he sent an additional N2,000, he did not explain.

In December, FIJ reported that Dr. Yakubu told Ogberu in 2020 he could help him secure a job at the Federal University of Lafia if he paid him N100,000 to speed up the recruitment process.

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Believing the scholar’s claim, Ogberu borrowed the said amount and sent it to Yakubu’s Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) account on February 18, 2020.

Ogberu said after sending the money, he got no job interview offer or a refund. Even worse, he said, was that Yakubu promised to refund the money several times but did not do so until FIJ intervened.

Published 23rd Jan, 2023

By Emmanuel Uti


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