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03.07.2022 Social Justice After Promising Entrepreneur Dubai Visa, Port Harcourt Agent Disappears With N400,000

Published 3rd Jul, 2022

By Emmanuel Uti

Ransome Ukpaka, an entrepreneur in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has detailed how Favour Priye, a visa agent, defrauded him of N400,000 before disappearing from the state.

Ukpaka told FIJ that he paid Priye in June, after the agent assured him of getting a visa and a job in Dubai.

The entrepreneur said he had known Priye for a while but did not know that he was a visa agent until he overheard him assuring another client over the phone that he would secure a visa for them.

Ukpaka said he approached Priye, asking him if he could help him out with securing a Dubai visa, and the agent answered in affirmation.

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He said the agent asked him to visit his office in Ada George Road, Port Harcourt, for consultancy, which he did. Ukpaka said he sent N400,000 to the agent almost immediately after they discussed the terms of payment.

Receipt of payment paid to Priye
Receipt of payment paid to Priye

“On June 17, I forwarded him my details, which are my CV, passport, and international passport, so that he could start the process,” Ukpaka told FIJ.

“On June 18, he requested N400,000 out of the N750,000 we agreed on, which I paid. He said once the visa was ready, which should be on June 28, I would pay the remaining N350,000,” said Ukpaka.

“I trusted his words because he is an old man and I’d been to his office three times.”

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Ukpaka said he called Priye on June 20 to find out the extent he had gone in helping him secure his visa, but his line did not connect for two days.

He said he rushed to the agent’s office only to realise that he had moved out of it.

“I went to another office where he helps recruit workers for supermarkets, but they said they had not seen him in a long time. This was when I realised Priye had scammed me,” he stated.

FIJ called Priye several times, but his lines did not connect. He had also not responded to a text message sent to him at press time.

Published 3rd Jul, 2022

By Emmanuel Uti


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