Yankys Yansharo

14.08.2022 Featured After Scamming N350,000 From Man, Immigration Officer Yankys Yansharo Threatens Him

Published 14th Aug, 2022

By Emmanuel Uti

Monsuru Alabi, a clearing agent resident in Ibadan, has accused Yankys Yansharo, a staffer at the Nigerian Immigration Service Headquarters, Abuja, of defrauding him of N350,000.

Alabi told FIJ that Yansharo promised to help him change the name on his passport and input his accurate birth date last year but failed to do so.

The clearing agent said that he first paid Yansharo N150,000 in cash in July 2021, and that he was told to appear at the passport office for capturing in September 2021, which he did.

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“He told me not to bother calling him because when my passport came out, he’d call me to pay the balance. In October, he told me via WhatsApp that the passport was out, so I paid him the N200,000 balance. But ever since then, whenever I called him, he’d just make excuses,” Alabi told FIJ.

He said he called Yansharo in January 2022 to find out what was happening but he told him his old passport was missing.

Receipt of N200,000 Payment to Yansharo
Receipt of N200,000 Payment to Yansharo

He said that he further probed Yansharo to find out how his old passport got missing but he blamed it on the Service Compact (SERVICOM) department of the passport office.

“Yansharo said SERVICOM lost the passport and they would find it. He said he’d gone to a police station to get a police report. He then sent me a police report slip on WhatsApp, saying SERVICOM wanted to work on it,” said Alabi.

Alabi said that Yansharo kept giving him reasons the passport could not be ready.

“In February, Yansharo said the man who wanted to do the passport was on sabbatical. I agreed to wait. But in April, he said the same man was sick. In frustration, I requested my money,” Alabi said.

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“But ever since I requested a refund, many private numbers have been calling to threaten me. They always tell me they’ll kidnap me if I come to Abuja.

“Any time I asked Yansharo for my money, he’d tell me to come to Abuja. He does not want us to communicate on WhatsApp. I would have gone to Abuja, but I fear what may happen. He’s threatening me.”

When FIJ called Yansharo, he said Alabi should bring our reporter to his office if he could.

“Don’t call me on the phone again and say this type of stupid thing to me. If you want to talk to me, come to my office, or you can petition my office to call upon me to ask me,” he said.

“Next time you call me on the phone like this, I will give your phone number to the security arm and they will call upon you. Are you the comptroller general?”

When FIJ reached out to Amos Okpu, spokesperson of the Nigerian Immigration, he said the complainant should file a formal petition against Yansharo.

Published 14th Aug, 2022

By Emmanuel Uti


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