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20.11.2022 Featured After Taking N50,000 to Track Stolen Phone, Policeman Tells Owner Not to Call Him Again

Published 20th Nov, 2022

By Sodeeq Atanda

Clinton Enogieru, a resident of Abuja, has narrated how Chuks Aghulor Confidence, a policeman attached to IGP Special Tactical Squad unit, Abuja, warned him never to contact him again after the officer collected ₦50,000 to track his iPhone.

Speaking with FIJ, Enogieru said that in July 2022, he listed his few-months old iPhone on Jiji, an online marketplace, for sale and a prospective buyer contacted him.

After negotiating the price, the buyer sent him a fake credit alert, which he did not realise until both of them had parted ways.

“In July, I put my iPhone 11 Pro Max on sale via Jiji. Someone showed interest in buying it, and we agreed to meet at a location in Abuja so that he could assess it,” he told FIJ.

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“After assessing the condition of the phone, he transferred the agreed price of ₦300,000 to me on the spot. Unknown to me, it was a fake credit alert I received. The car he brought was a Toyota Corolla with number plate ABJ 794 OP.

“At that moment, I suspected something was fishy, but before I could get myself, they had driven off.”

While trying to find a solution, he said someone referred him to one officer Yabo, a police officer, in Abuja, and in turn, Yabo directed him to Confidence for tracking.

“So, someone gave me officer Yabo’s phone number. He is a police officer. When I contacted him, he said he was away from Abuja at the moment and he referred me to his colleague, Mr. Confidence.

“Mr. Confidence took up with the case. He said he would collect ₦50,000 for tracking the phone. Because I did not have enough money then, I requested to pay in instalments and he agreed.

Screenshot of their chat where Confidence demanded ₦50,000
Confidence confirming the payment

“I paid the money twice. The first payment was ₦30,000 and the second was ₦20,000.”

Receipt of the second payment to Confidence

He said after some days, Confidence informed him that he had successfully tracked the phone to Keffi, Nasarawa State.

It was at that stage that Confidence came up with another demand of ₦150,000 for him to go to Keffi to arrest the suspect.

Enogieru told FIJ that because he could not afford ₦150,000, he begged Confidence to reduce the money as the monetary value of the phone was just ₦300,000.

“I was happy some days after paying ₦50,000 when officer Confidence told me that he had tracked the phone to Keffi and established communication with the lady using the phone.

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“But he further asked me to pay ₦150,000. I told him I didn’t have up to that amount and that the total value of the phone was ₦300,000.

“Officer Yabo had to intervene for Confidence to reduce the amount to ₦100,000. Yet, I still did not have up to this amount.”

He told FIJ that he pleaded for further reduction but Confidence would not yield to his pleas.


Enogieru told FIJ that Confidence later warned him not to call him again in his life if he could not afford that ₦100,000.

“I hit him up on WhatsApp on August 20 to know if he was ready to reconsider his request,” said Enogieru.

Screenshot showing Confidence warning Enogiero.

“But he warned me never to call him again in my life. He also added that I should not chat with him again.

“I suspect something is fishy. By giving me that strict warning, I suspect he had an unstated motive.”

While responding to FIJ on the phone, Confidence said he only demanded a mobilisation fee from Enogieru.

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“What I told him was that he should pay a mobilisation fee, which we could use to buy petrol for our vehicle. And if he could not do that, let him bring a car that would convey my team to Keffi to arrest the suspect,” Confidence told FIJ.

“As we speak, I am in Delta State for an investigation. When I return to Abuja, I will call him to bring a car that will take us to Keffi.”

Published 20th Nov, 2022

By Sodeeq Atanda


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