12.10.2021 news ALERT: Criminals Masquerading as Policemen to Kidnap Motorists in Lagos

Published 12th Oct, 2021

By Emmanuel Uti

Isaac Fayose, a Facebook influencer, has narrated how a friend’s relative narrowly escaped from the grip of suspected kidnappers masquerading as police officers in the Lekki area of Lagos.

Fayose said the victim was on his way home at 11 pm on Friday when some men dressed in black approached, requesting that he park his vehicle for a search.

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“As a civil citizen, he stopped, thinking it was some sort of police check that they were conducting. A black car was by the side of the road and had some of their comrades by it. Two of these pseudo-police guys approached his car and asked for his papers. He showed them,” he said.

“Then they asked to check his boot. He flipped open the boot, but they insisted that he come out and follow them to the boot so they could inspect it. He obliged, thinking nothing was amiss. He had only his laptop bag in his car boot.”

Afterwards, the men in black told the victim to follow them to the police station. He asked why they wanted him to go to the police station, but they shouted him down. He later agreed, to avoid creating a scene. When the men asked him to give up his car keys, saying they would rather drive, he began to sense that something was wrong.

“Still, these men were about five or more surrounding him. So he released the keys and sat gunshot [sic] with a man in front while another man entered the car and sat behind. They signalled to the other guys to follow them in the other black car. It was at this point that my friend’s cousin knew that these men were up to something sinister,” he said.

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“As they approached a street with about seven men standing by the side, a white car was slowing down and coming from the opposite direction. He knew it was either now or never. He grabbed the steering and swung it sharply to the left, ensuring he bashed the oncoming white vehicle.

“He knew if he could bash that vehicle hard enough to make it stop, it would draw attention. The owner would have to stop. Then the usual road fight would happen. That quick thinking on his part saved his life. Immediately he crashed into the vehicle, the man at the back panicked. Leaving behind his flashlight and face cap, he opened the door and dashed off. The black car following behind sped away without a backward glance.”

In a video posted on Facebook, the victim could be seen wrestling with one of the criminals who was in the driver’s seat of his car. Some men standing by the roadside saw what happened and rescued him, according to Fayose. The suspected kidnapper was eventually caught and handed over to the police.

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Published 12th Oct, 2021

By Emmanuel Uti


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