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14.05.2022 Featured AUDIO: ‘I Took $880, Buhari Has Taken More’ — Dr Igudia Attacks FIJ for Exposing His Diabetes Cure Scam

Published 14th May, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu

Dr. Igudia, a self-proclaimed Nigerian herbal doctor, has admitted to defrauding a Mauritian diabetic, whom he promised to cure, of $880 in early 2022.

While admitting the fraud he committed, Igudia accused the President Muhammadu Buhari administration of ‘stealing’ more money than he did.

Igudia, an Edo State resident whose bank details bear the name Odigie Akoamen Joel, sent an audio message to FIJ on Friday, attacking this reporter for exposing his fraud.

In the 57-second rant, he described himself as a “small person in society that did a small thing,” and wondered why FIJ was interested in exposing him.

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“You call yourself an investigative journalist. All the corruption that has been going on in Nigeria, what have you guys [sic] done to them?” He quizzed.

“Now, because of the small $880 that I took from somebody that I said I would send the medication, you are there misbehaving.

“All the corruption that has been going on in Nigeria, what have you guys done? Nothing. But maybe small person for the society that do small little thing, una go carry am for head.

“All the money Buhari government has been stealing, what have you guys done to them? Now you are here saying rubbish, saying trash. I don’t have your time. If I had your time, I would get back to you.”

Igudia had earlier demanded that FIJ unpublish the report that exposed how he fraudulently obtained the sum from Louise Michel (not real name), a Mauritian, after telling him that he had a herbal cure for diabetes.

READ MORE: After Defrauding Mauritian Diabetic of $880, Nigerian Herbal Doctor Gives Condition for Curing Him

“It is not fair what you guys published without my consent. You will take it down. We have to come to an agreement here. As soon as I send him the medication, you guys will not take it down, and you are spoiling my name,” he said.

Published 14th May, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu


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