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31.12.2021 Social Justice Benue University’s Security Officer Rapes, Impregnates His 11-Year-Old Maid

Published 31st Dec, 2021

By Yakubu Mohammed

Joseph Adoyi, a security officer at the Benue State University (BSU), allegedly impregnated an 11-year-old girl after raping her several times.

The minor, a native of Orokamu village in the Ogbadibo LGA of the state, feared Joseph would kill her as the latter had reportedly threatened to, the reason she condoned the cruelty for a long time.

Last year, Victoria’s parents took her to Esther Ajeh, Joseph’s wife, to work as a maid. She lived with the couple in the North Bank area of Makurdi until she returned to her parents in the village after the pregnancy news broke. 

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“She joined them at Makurdi when she was 10,” a family source told FIJ. “She would later be raped consistently by her aunt’s husband until she was impregnated.”

When Esther observed changes in her maid, she took her for a pregnancy test and discovered she was three months pregnant. The poor girl said Joseph was responsible for it.

Unfortunately, Esther patted her husband’s inhumanity. She argued Joseph was not responsible for the minor’s pregnancy and spearheaded Victoria’s eviction to the village.

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Sources told FIJ that Joseph still walks free in Benue and still goes to work.

“Elders from Joseph’s family had pleaded that the public, especially the media, dim its searchlight on the matter,” a source said. He also said the family had decided to resolve the matter amicably.

Meanwhile, the victim has no access to antenatal care.

A few months ago, Joseph was arrested and later released, according to Ukan Kurugh, a public figure in Benue State. “I heard he was released, but I will follow up with the case,” Said Ukan.

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FIJ learned that prior to his incarceration, Joseph confessed to Anthony, the victim’s father, that he committed the crime.

When contacted, Gabriel Aminu, the Benue State police spokesperson told FIJ he was not aware of the incident. “This is the first time I am hearing this,” he said, and promised that the police would take up the matter.

Published 31st Dec, 2021

By Yakubu Mohammed


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