24.05.2024 Featured CashLawn Forced N18,000 Loan on Lagos Resident, Then Announced His Funeral to Recover It

Published 24th May, 2024

By Opeyemi Lawal

Tumi Adedayo (not real name), a Lagos-based resident, has narrated how CashLawn, an online loan agency, forced a loan of N18,240 on him and then resorted to announcing his funeral on WhatsApp to recover it.

Adedayo told FIJ that he had first come across the loan agency after two of their agents sent him WhatsApp messages on May 15, saying he could access a loan of up to N100,000 for three months at N10,000 interest.

He said he found this offer attractive and downloaded the loan apps owned by CashLawn, as recommended by the agents. But this was the beginning of his surprises.

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“I thought this was an attractive offer and downloaded the apps and then filled out the forms as required. To my surprise, each one didn’t meet the quota of what was mentioned before I downloaded the app,” he told FIJ.

The Lagos resident said that when he checked CashLawn, he realised that he could not access up to the stated amount. He also found that he would have to repay within one week.

He told FIJ that the agents recommended other loan apps but he realised that they also offered him less than the advertised amount.

“At the end of the registration, on the first app, Cash Express, I was offered N5,130 to repay with N9,945 within one week. Immediately, I told the agent that this wasn’t our agreement, and he pleaded that I wouldn’t get the amount,” he said.

“Then, he gave me another app, MintBag, where I was offered N7,890 to pay back N15,271 in one week. When I started to get upset, he pleaded again and gave me CashTree. This app offered N5,130 for a payback of N9,189.

“I didn’t know so much. I was just attracted to the opportunity it would bring for me. Later, I noticed that they did not disburse the money, and I thought they might have cancelled the loan.”

An audio of one of the agents threatening and raging

“But to my surprise, the loan was disbursed the following day even though I never clicked the borrow option. Immediately, I attempted to make a refund, but there was no point of contact. I contacted the agents who reached out to me, and they said they knew nothing about it.

A screenshot of the disbursement received from the loan apps
A screenshot of the disbursement received from the loan apps
A conversation with one of the agents threatening to ruin Adedayo
A conversation with one of the agents threatening to ruin Adedayo

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“I called their repayment department and said I did not want their loan, but abuses, threats and insults followed from the agents. I checked my WhatsApp and saw that they had announced my funeral and told people I was a ritualist. I have never been so devastated.”


When FIJ contacted all five agents who interacted with Adedayo on WhatsApp, FIJ found their names to be Mike, Darasimi Gift, SmilesFortune and Smartliving.

However, FIJ understands that these might be far from their real identities, as loan agents often operate multiple WhatsApp accounts with fake identities in a bid to keep harassing their customers.

Mike asked our reporter to provide her identity card, which she did, but he stopped responding after receiving it.

Smartliving, after receiving and reading the messages, said, “So, that’s how you were taught abi?”

Darasimi said, “Oga shift,” and stopped responding to further messages.

The other two were yet to respond as of press time.

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Published 24th May, 2024

By Opeyemi Lawal


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