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22.01.2023 Featured Choice Collectibles Blocks Another Customer on Facebook After Failing to Deliver N123,000 Order

Published 22nd Jan, 2023

By Sodeeq Atanda

When Ladi Gadzama sent N123,000 to an online footwear vendor on December 12, 2022, for the purchase of four pairs of Italian shoes and clutch bags, it never crossed her mind that her hard-earned money would not return any value to her.

Gadzama, a Kaduna State-based entrepreneur, narrated to FIJ on Saturday that she had seen the Facebook page of The Choice Collectibles where the vendor uploads tons of eye-catchy shoes and bags for potential buyers to see.

According to Gadzama, she loved those materials and commented on the vendor’s post. Following her comment, the vendor sent private messages to her and they struck a deal.

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“When I checked her Facebook page, most of the shoes there were awesome. I commented by asking for the price and her location. I then scrolled through them and found the ones that suited my taste,” said Gadzama.

The four pairs of shoes and bags she ordered
The four pairs of shoes and bags she ordered

She said further, “After I posted my comment, she just messaged me on Messenger app and we chatted on how to pay and delivery method. Each of the pair of shoes comes with a clutch bag at the rate of N30,000 each and N3,000 for the delivery to my address in Kaduna State.

“In the course of our conversation, she asked me to send images of the shoes I wanted to buy, which I did. There, she assured me that her sale process was hitch-free and that I would get my items without any bad experience.

“She asked me to pay into this Wema Bank account: 7790196473, Raven Clinton Ibiama. I did a mobile banking transfer of ₦123,000 to the account on December 12, which she duly acknowledged.

The electronic payment receipt for the order
The electronic payment receipt

“By arrangement, the products were to be delivered on December 15, 2022. I was, however, taken aback when the delivery date clocked and she did not send my items.

“At that point, my attempt at contacting her was futile. I observed she had blocked me from commenting on her page. I could not send WhatsApp chats and phone call is not going through.”

The entrepreneur also told FIJ that she had been in a fix since it dawned on her that she was dealing with an unreliable business. This, according to the source, was because the shoes were ordered for her customer.

“I am in a mess at the moment. The shoes were not mine and I was not the owner of the money sent to her. It was one of my loyal customers who had paid me that I ordered the products for,” she said.

“It is distressing that I don’t know how to recover the money and refund my customer. She has been on my neck over this issue. I have promised and failed her all the times I have said she would get the shoes.”

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She further explained how futile her effort at making the vendor refund her had been. She said, “I thought if I begged her she would listen to me. So, I started sending SMS to her, but she would not respond to any of them. I have requested a refund; I have cried my heart out. None of these has made her budge.”

A set of her unreplied texts to the vendor
A set of her unreplied texts to the vendor
Another set of her unreplied texts to the vendor
Another set of her unreplied texts to the vendor

In December 2022, FIJ reported how this same vendor defrauded a customer of ₦33,000 meant for a pair of shoes and handbag. FIJ also reported how the vendor defrauded another woman of ₦32,000 and disabled her on all her known communication channels.


On the vendor’s Facebook account, FIJ found the bad experiences of other customers narrated.

Ironi Akindele, a Facebook user, said, “The address does not exist in Osogbo, also use[s] Ghanaian lady[‘s] picture as profile picture on WhatsApp.

“They are a big SCAM, paid for goods, no delivery,” said one Tolu Adeyemo.

Titilayo Olakunle Ogunjobi, another customer, said, “They are a BIG SCAM!!!! Payments were made for items but were never delivered!”

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FIJ observed that for each customer defrauded by the vendor, she did not use the same account number. This reporter asked four persons to alert Facebook users following the vendor’s page, but she blocked all of them and removed their comments.

FIJ attempted to speak with the vendor, but her number, copied from her Facebook page, was not available, and she had not responded to a text sent to her at press time.

Published 22nd Jan, 2023

By Sodeeq Atanda


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