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25.05.2023 news Exam Planet Services Holds On to Woman’s N115,000 After Failing to Register Her for GMAT

Published 25th May, 2023

By Emmanuel Uti

Oluwafunmito Babatunde, a determined Ibadan resident, has accused Exam Planet Services, an educational firm based in Ibadan, of refusing to refund her money after failing to fulfil its obligation of registering her for a GMAT exam.

Babatunde told FIJ she parted with a substantial sum of N215,000 in November 2022, entrusting Exam Planet Services with the responsibility of registering her for the highly anticipated Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

However, her dreams were shattered when the firm failed to uphold its end of the bargain, leaving her stranded.

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Babatunde said she reached out to Exam Planet Services through various channels, hoping for a resolution to her predicament but her pleas fell on deaf ears as the company turned a blind eye to her urgent appeals for registration.

Transaction receipt showing payment to Exam Planet Services

Left with no other recourse, Babatunde said she requested a refund from the educational firm after its negligence.

She said despite her desperate attempts to get her money back, Exam Planet Services failed to address her concerns promptly, thus exacerbating her frustration and disappointment.

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“Following Exam Planet Services’ prescribed protocol, I was compelled to endure an agonising 30-day waiting period for the refund to be processed. But to my surprise, days passed by with no progress made towards resolving the issue,” Babatunde told FIJ.

“Exam Planet Services refunded a meagre sum of N100,000 on February 6. Yet, shockingly, the firm has since brazenly refused to settle my remaining balance of N115,000.

“The blatant disregard for their obligations caused some problems. I had to resort to unconventional measures to draw attention to my plight before they refunded me the N100,000.”

When FIJ called Exam Planet Services for comments, the respondent said the firm would pay the source if she found that she had not been paid.

Published 25th May, 2023

By Emmanuel Uti


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