29.04.2021 news EXCLUSIVE: 65 Communities in Niger Sign N20m Peace Deal with Boko Haram

Published 29th Apr, 2021

By Ibrahim Adeyemi

Residents of 65 communities in Niger State have resorted to negotiating and signing a peace deal with Boko Haram to avoid future raids by the insurgents, FIJ can exclusively report.

This development came few days after the terror group displaced over 5,000 villagers from their ancestral homes in Shiroro and Munya local councils.

Abubakar Bello, the Governor of Niger had admitted that Boko Haram had hoisted its flag after taken over many communities in the state.

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Although Muhammad Yerima, the Nigerian Army spokesman, said  he was unaware of Boko Haram’s incursion into Niger State, Wasiu Abiodun, the police spokesperson in the state, said he could not dispute Governor Bello’s claim about the influx of the terrorist group into the state.

“The executive governor is the chief security officer of the state. Are you expecting the police to dispute or go against the pronouncement of the executive governor?” Abiodun asked a CNN reporter.

However, FIJ has gathered that communities in Gurmana, Manta, Bassa and Kukoki distrists in Shiroro area of the state have negotiated with the terrorists for a peace deal after reaching an agreement to pay certain amounts of money in each community.

The communities have also purchased at least six Honda motorcycles worth N500,000 for the terrorists, to pacify them.

“This is what most of the communities are resorting to. By my records now, communities that have signed the peace deal with the terrorists are more than 40,” said Yusuf Sani, the co-convener of Concerned Shiroro Youth, while confirming the incidents to FIJ.

“While some communities have already sealed up deals for ceasefire with the terrorists and are currently reaping ithe benefits, others are on the verge of finalising theirs.

“The affected victims have been forced to find solutions for themselves within since the much-anticipated intervention from government is not forthcoming.”

Sani also said the communities have paid not less than N20 million to sign the peace deal with the terrorists. He added that although, the negotiation was oral, more communities are planning to enroll for the peace deal.

Mary Joel Merje, the Chief Press Secretary to the Niger State government, did not answer multiple calls from FIJ. She also did not respond to our request for comments on the issue.

See the list of the villages below:


  1. Wongo
  2. Kukoki
  3. Masuku
  4. Zangoro
  5. Gungu
  6. Rumache Madalla
  7. Rumache Gari
  8. Maguga
  9. Marenje
  10. Malawai
  11. Madagwa
  12. Kadaga
  13. Hana Wanka
  14. Durumi
  15. Farar Kasa


  1. Gurmana
  2. Kokki Makaranta
  3. Kokki Magami
  4. Shekadna
  5. Karibo
  6. Rango
  7. Sarkin Zama
  8. Bakin Kogi (Lagbe)
  9. Maganda
  10. Jabukin Sama
  11. Jabukin Kasa
  12. Guto
  13. Gwaja
  14. Sundna
  15. Fiyi
  16. Unguwan Turakin Kokki
  17. Kuchiwi
  18. Tsohon Gari
  19. Kokki Bodo
  20. Palalli
  21. Gbakoita
  22. Kampani
  23. Yelwa
  24. Ajata Aboki
  25. Birke
  26. Jankasa
  27. Kasumi
  28. Kuyami
  29. Siyiko


  1. Manta
  2. Jiko
  3. Gungu
  4. Magami
  5. Gaviya
  6. Sabon Gida
  7. Jankasa
  8. Farin Hula
  9. Taidna
  10. Beri Kago
  11. Beri
  12. Gatawi
  13. Kini
  14. Bmada
  15. Bagudu
  16. Guto
  17. Sunko
  18. Gbagawi
  19. Marafa
  20. Gudumi
  21. Gbaga

One reply on “EXCLUSIVE: 65 Communities in Niger Sign N20m Peace Deal with Boko Haram”

Sad. If this tread continue, you can bet more or even the entire state maybe taken over by the terrorists in the shortest possible time. Even the major cities like Suleja, Bida, Mokwa etc will be attack to force them pay taxes. It’s true desperate times demands desperate measures and you can’t blame them for going this extreme. However, terrorists are like Oliver Twist, more is not enough. I would suggest these communities pull resources together and support the military and law-enforcement/intelligence agencies to tackle this cancerous security Challenges

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Published 29th Apr, 2021

By Ibrahim Adeyemi


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