18.10.2021 Featured For Wearing Fashion Mask, Police Assault Singer Dremo’s PA in Lagos

Published 18th Oct, 2021

By Tola Owoyele

Manukwem Benedict Chukwuebuka, popularly known as Mojo Perry, a lifestyle influencer and personal assistant to Dremo, a recording artist signed to Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), has been harassed by men of the Nigerian Police on Saturday.

On his way to Lekki to meet with his principal, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) student said, he became an object of harassment by the police along Freedom Way.

“After attending a friend’s party at Toy Lagos, Ribadu road, Ikoyi, on Saturday evening, I headed to Ikota, Lekki to meet with Dremo. At this time, I was still in the company of my friends,” Chukwuebuka told FIJ.

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After passing four police check points on his way, Chukwuebuka said his car was stopped at the fifth. According to the influencer, it was at this moment that the drama began.

Manukwem in fashion mask.

“When we got to the fifth checkpoint, the police officers checked the vehicle papers and found them to be complete. As our car was about to leave, I brought out my fashion mask and put it on. That was when my ordeal began,” he further said.

An officer immediately ordered him out of the car and seized the mask from him.

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“The moment he seized the mask from me, I got down from the car and went to meet him, explaining to him that apart from working for Dremo, I am a lifestyle influencer. I also told him that I wear the fashion mask from time to time, as part of my identity as a brand. However, my explanation fell on deaf ears,” he said.

He also said he showed the policeman his means of identification but the gesture did not change anything.

Chukwuebuka then decided to talk to a superior officer who was watching the incident from a distance.

“That also turned out to be a wrong move, ” he stated further, “After explaining myself to the superior officer, he left my presence and approached his subordinate who had seized the mask from me. They spoke for a while, and the next thing I saw was me being handcuffed and whisked to their station.”

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Chukwuebuka said that the moment he arrived at Ilasan Police Station, he was beaten by police officers who labelled him an armed robber.

“I was forced to wear the mask by one of the officers, while another one stripped me of all my clothes and left me with just my boxers on. They then started kicking and slapping me,” he narrated.

The victim also told FIJ that but for the quick intervention of a friend, who got the son of a former Lagos State Governor involved, the policemen at the station were already making plans to not only officially declare him an armed robber, but also transport him to the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

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“Presently, I feel traumatized. This is how innocent people, especially entertainers, get attacked and wrongfully labelled by the police all the time. I still feel pain all over my body as a result of the heavy beating I got from the officers. All I want is justice for the way I was treated on Saturday,” Chukwuebuka said.

He also said his friends who witnessed the incident could not take pictures, to avoid being labelled robbers as well.

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FIJ emailed the Ilasan Police Station on the incident but received no response.

Published 18th Oct, 2021

By Tola Owoyele


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