28.05.2021 Social Justice Freed Victim Narrates how Rivers Kidnappers Killed 3 Women and Sold their Body Parts

Published 28th May, 2021

By Adeola Oladipupo

Another victim of a human parts selling gang in Rivers State who was abducted and held for two days has recounted her experience.

Nneka Leonard was travelling to Port Harcourt from Lagos for a friend’s funeral when she was abducted.

With swollen eyes — a sign that she was physically assaulted — she narrated the harrowing experience in a nine minutes video.

Nneka Leonard

“I took a bus from Mazamaza and dropped at Onitsha. Then they said it’s late that it’s better for me to go to Owerri, where I would see a bus to Port Harcourt… Getting to Owerri to board a bus to Port Harcourt, they said I would get a bus not at the park but along the road. That it would be easier for me and cheaper,” Leonard said.

There were five ladies and three men in the bus she boarded to Port Harcourt. Shortly after the trip began, a man who sat behind Leonard forced her to inhale a substance, making her unconscious.

“Waking up, I saw my hands and legs tied, I started shouting. A guy came out and said are you mad, why are you shouting? He said they don’t shout here. Can’t I see where I am; inside the forest,” Leonard said.

She was beaten by six men when she continued shouting for help and was stripped.

“After some minutes, I stopped crying because there was nothing I could do. When I saw the hefty men beating me, I struggled and I tried all I could but I gave up. I thought that’s the end of my life.”

With her phone, the kidnappers took her pictures and contacted her family asking that a ransom be paid before she was released.

By the next day, the gang decided to sell the body parts of abductees whose relatives did not give the kidnappers a positive response.

“…They came and said your people are trying to comply, then they told the lady sitting by my left hand side, your people are not calling. You might be the next person we would sell.

“They called someone on the phone and put the call on loudspeaker and they said Alhaji, there is fresh meat, which part do you need? The Alhaji said breast, I need her second to the last finger and I need her ear. Alhaji, give us N4million and we will kill ‘it’ and send the parts.

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“The Alhaji negotiated to N3million. They said done and ended the call. They took the lady to a large iron table… they cut her head and other parts. They did this in my presence,” Leonard explained.

After some hours, the gang returned and killed another lady and removed her body parts, including genital organ, breast and eyes.

“On Monday morning, they took the third girl and killed again. They said they needed only her head. We were remaining two.”

Later that day, Leonard and another lady were informed that their family members had paid and they would be freed.

She was offered help by a man who saw her after the kidnappers threw her off a motorcycle. He took her to his place, where she showered and made phone calls, thereby easing the challenge of locating her family.

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Published 28th May, 2021

By Adeola Oladipupo


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