14.05.2021 news Full Text of Uduak Akpan’s Interview with Reporters in Akwa Ibom

Published 14th May, 2021

By Damilola Ayeni

Earlier this month, the Police arrested Uduak Akpan, the 20-year-old undergraduate who confessed to killing Ini Umoren after luring her to his house with a job interview.

On Friday, almost two weeks after, Akpan was eventually paraded by the Akwa Ibom Police Command before journalists. Below is the full text of the interview, unedited:       

Reporter: Why did you kill her?

Uduak: I will say it’s an act of self-defence.

Reporter: What do you mean by self-defence? Let us know what happened on that day.

Uduak: What happened was that she came for a supposed job interview which I used as a… psychology on her. I asked her if she could work in a farm where hard drugs are kept, as a secretary, and she said that she can that she was ready to do the job. So when she came I revealed to her that this farm doesn’t exist. There is no farm like that. It was just a hoax; let me put it that way.

Then I told her that before she left I would like to have sex with her and she agreed, but she gave a condition that I should use condom which I did. While I removed the condom, she became furious and she took a nearby stabilizer to hit me on my head, and she hit my left rain filter. And tried to reach for the wall, you know, screaming. So, while I was bleeding, and trying to stop her, I used the stabilizer to hit her. When I hit her, she fell and started bleeding.  Thereafter, she died.

Reporter: You said she agreed to have sex with you and use a condom, and then all of a sudden she started attacking you. How did it happen?

Uduak: I said that while I was about removing the condom, she became furious and started…

Reporter: Why did you remove the condom? What did you use to hit her?

Uduak: I used the stabilizer she used to hit me.

Reporter: At what point did she scream and started shouting for help?

Uduak: When I tried to remove the condom.

Police Officer: You didn’t use only stabilizer to hit her; you used something else. Say the truth.

Uduak:  OK, that was a pressing iron.

Reporter: Where did you hit her?

Uduak: Her abdomen part, when she was biting me, because she bit my finger. The only way I could stop her was to…

Reporter: Was she your first victim?

Uduak: No.

Reporter: How many have you killed in that process?

Uduak: Killed? I’ve not killed anyone. She is the only one I’ve killed.

Reporter: You said she is not your first victim. How many girls, women have you done that to, either they died or they did not die? How many so far?

Uduak: The same reverse psychological way?

Reporter: Yes.

Uduak: About six.

Reporter: What of that NYSC shoes in your house?

Uduak: The NYSC shoe is the shoe my mum used when she was in NYSC. The shoe is for family in the house. It’s not a corper’s shoe. It’s not as if a corper came.

Reporter: How did your father assist you in this case?

Uduak: He did not assist me.

Reporter: So, who helped you to bury him?


Reporter: The exercise books in your house, who owns them?

Uduak: The exercise books, those nursery and secondary and primary exercise books are owned by I and my sisters.

Reporter: There are several names on them. None of it is your own name. Who are those people?

Uduak: There are no several names on them.

Reporter: Absolutely, there are.

Uduak: If you open them, you’ll see either my name or my sisters’ names.

Reporter: How about the red gown? The red gown in the room.

Uduak: A red gown?

Reporter: Yes


Reporter: What’s your level of education?

Uduak: I’m a university student.

Reporter: What course are you doing? What level?

Uduak: Public Administration.

Reporter: What level?


Reporter: How old are you?

Uduak: Twenty years old.

Reporter: What is your relationship with Kufre Effiong?

Uduak: Kufre Effiong is my cousin.

Reporter: And how did he help you in this whole thing?

Uduak: He didn’t help me.

Reporter: You called him on that day. What’s the subject of the conversation you had with him?

Uduak: That was when I was coming from Calabar, because initially, in the morning, I went to Calabar and when I was coming back to submit myself he was the one that picked me up together with the DPO.

Reporter: What was your conversation with him?

Uduak: My conversation with him was very short and simple. He text me the number of the DPO of Uruan. I called the DPO when I arrived and then I met with them and they picked me in their vehicle.

Reporter: When you killed her why did you go and dig a grave to bury her? Why not take it to the police or tell the police that somebody had died in your house?

Uduak: I was very scared, too …

Reporter: When you asked her to come get the job, what was the motive? What was in your mind?

Uduak: I used reverse psychology on her … I’ve had very bad cases with prostitutes and runs girls. So, I used reverse psychology on her. I asked her whether she can work in a farm where hard drugs are kept and she accepted… I thought that that was the best way to revenge on prostitutes and runs girls.

Reporter: Have you been patronizing prostitutes?

Uduak: No. I used to.

Reporter: Before the whole world, what do you have to say?

Uduak: I’m not happy about it. I believe that the commissioner of police is working with his men. He has assured Nigerians, Akwa Ibom, and the whole world that justice will be served. So, you guys should just hold on.

Reporter: Was your father around when this whole thing happened?

Uduak: No, he wasn’t around.

Reporter: Are you remorseful?

Uduak: Yes

Reporter: But you don’t sound and look remorseful. You said justice should be served. If justice means taking your life, will you willingly accept it?

Uduak: Yes.

Reporter: Were you in love with the girl?

Uduak: No

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Published 14th May, 2021

By Damilola Ayeni


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