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12.05.2022 Featured Gentleman Lagos Policeman Helped a Motorist Fix His Tyre at Night — And He Asked for Nothing

Published 12th May, 2022

By Abdullah Tijani

A Twitter user who simply identified himself as Uzo has narrated how a police officer helped him after his vehicle broke down in the middle of the night on Apongbon bridge in Lagos. 

In a series of tweets, Uzo said he was forced to park his car at a spot on the bridge when he noticed that one of his its tyres was torn.

“Right there, there was a police vehicle and the officers approached me saying that I should move my car because it was obstructing traffic flow,” he wrote on Wednesday.

After a while, said Uzo, Collins Iruedo, one of the police officers, approached him again and apologised for his colleagues’ attitude and asked if he had a spare tyre.

“I opened the car boot and brought it out,” he said.

“At that point, he took over from me the entire process of jacking and replacing the tyre. By then, it was already 1 am.

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“As he released the jack, the entire weight of the front side deflated the spare tyre. It hadn’t been used once. I was now faced with a torn [tyre] and a deflated tyre. Panic started to set in.”

When the policeman noticed Uzo was already panicking, he calmed him down and helped him find a solution.

“The policeman said I should wait while he went looking for a vulcaniser. Ten minutes later, he showed up. Turned out there was one who owned a shop right beside where they periodically station their vehicle. He had to go look for him,” Uzo said.

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“Five minutes later, I was set to go. The policeman reassured me that protection was their primary duty. Not a demand made.”

Uzo said the policeman also paid the vulcaniser as he did not have money with him.

Published 12th May, 2022

By Abdullah Tijani


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