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16.08.2022 Featured How Affiliate Marketer Vera Coker, Others Lure Investors With Fake Expertnaire Profits

Published 16th Aug, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu

Vera Coker, an affiliate marketer, is leading other marketers to manipulate profits made on Expertnaire, a digital marketplace, FIJ can report.

A source, who spoke to FIJ on condition of anonymity, said that Coker headed a WhatsApp group on which she taught new affiliate marketers to manipulate images to show they earned from Expertnaire when they did not.

The ploy, according to the source, was used to convince other Nigerians of the profitability of becoming affiliates and signing up to Expertnaire.

Chats got from this group show Coker, whose number was saved as ‘Affiliate Marketer’ by this source, teaching members to edit screenshots of profits made by other marketers so they could insert their names.

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“Now you all know that this business works. All you have to do is to find a way to prove it. If sales haven’t got to you yet, edit, put your name on it using the example on the video. Do your own now. Use that to promote aggressively on your page. If you wish, you can be doing small small with it too,” one of her messages sent in early July read.

Afterwards, Coker sent samples to the affiliates, showing them what their results should look like. “I hope those without results yet will do this,” she said.

Coker teaches members to manipulate profits.
Coker teaches members to manipulate profits.

After her tutorial, some group members sent in their results to show they had successfully manipulated some images.

One user made edits with Inshot, a media editing software application.
One user made edits with Inshot, a media editing software application.

Another member confessed on the group that they experienced difficulty convincing others to register on the platform for N62,500.

The member said, “I have someone that said once I got payment, he would register.”

Whatsapp Chats

FIJ confirmed that the Expertnaire platform offers affiliates up to 75 percent of sales made through their links and a percentage of the N62,500 registration fee new affiliates pay through them.

When our reporter interacted with Coker via WhatsApp, she gave him a Youtube video link. In the video, she preaches the benefits of joining the platform and earning millions.

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“Watch it now and get back to me,” she said.

She later also sent the reporter a link to join the programme. When asked if she stood to profit from a new entry, she said no.

Conversation between Coker and our reporter
Conversation between Coker and our reporter

She promised this reporter free mentoring, saying the same would attract a N30,000 charge if he registered through someone else. When the reporter told her he had registered with someone else, she reacted angrily and deleted his number afterwards. She said she would no longer train him, telling him to go back to the lady he registered with.

Our reporter's interaction with Coker
Our reporter’s interaction with Coker

When FIJ called Coker, she admitted to working with Expertnaire but denied the allegations.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, and please don’t call this number again,” she said.

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She later called our reporter back, demanding to know his source. When he would not tell her, she hurled insults at him and hung up.

FIJ sent her proof of her actions, and she blocked the chat.

Checks by FIJ revealed that Expertnaire has a disclaimer page that tells users that they are responsible for the “appropriateness of the site, its content and the products and services offered by them on the site for the public’s intended application and use”.

Expertnaire's Disclaimer

It also absolves itself of blame, saying, “Subject to the terms of any agreement between you and Expertnaire, its suppliers and licensors shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages.”

Published 16th Aug, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu


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