Fulani Herdsmen

09.06.2022 Featured How Farmer Escaped Herdsmen Attack in Kwara

Published 9th Jun, 2022

By Opeyemi Lawal

Kolawole Nafiu, a farmer who has a fish farm in Kwara, has recounted how he narrowly escaped a Fulani attack on Sunday.

Nafiu told FIJ that he was driving to his farm around 11:33 am when he saw two unfamiliar Fulani men who were blocking his path with three cows.

“Usually, I have to visit my farm twice a day, which implies that I am quite familiar with the route and layout. Besides, I am also familiar with all the herders around my farmland and where they put their cows,” he said.

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“I was surprised because no herder goes out with only three cows. I slowed my car down to the barest speed and began to watch them. We kept observing each other until I decided to speed off to enter my farm.

“Immediately, they drove their cows to the main road blocking my path. Instantly, one of them who was behind the cows began to unsheathe a weapon I couldn’t identify. The other person was with a machete and he was moving towards me.

“When I realised I could be a victim of an attack in few minutes, I made a detour and drove for 3-5 minutes just to get them off my back,” he said.

Nafiu said he decided to go home instead when he saw another car avoiding the Fulani men suddenly make a U-turn in front of him.

“I wanted to know why the other car turned, so I drove to the front. There, I saw another two sets of Fulani herders, this time without cows. They were on the main road. One of them was holding a gun and the other a machete.

“I slammed my brake to make a U-turn and found myself in the bush. Two passersby came to my rescue and with the corner of my eyes, I saw them (the herders) enter the bush.

“One of those who helped me confirmed he saw two Fulani herders run into the bush,” he said.

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Nafiu said when he attempted to get help for his damaged car, the herders returned to get him.

“Immediately I saw that they’d returned, I started to run, leaving my phone and car keys behind. Fortunately, another car was coming behind me, I flagged it down and the driver followed me to where I had left my car, and as we got there, we saw the herders run into the forest again,” he told FIJ.

Published 9th Jun, 2022

By Opeyemi Lawal


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