06.08.2021 Uncategorized I have Seen Two or Three People Who Can Succeed Buhari, Says IBB

Published 6th Aug, 2021

By Tola Owoyele

Ibrahim Babangida, former Head State, says he has seen two or three people in their 60s who can succeed President Muhammadu Buhari should be succeeded in office in 2023 by someone in their 60s.

Babangida said this on Friday while granting a state-of-the-nation interview to Arise TV at his Hilltop mansion in Minna, Niger State, ahead of his 80th birthday on August 17.

“I have started visualizing a good Nigerian leader. A person who travels in this country and has a friend virtually everywhere he travels to,” he said.

“He knows at least one person he can communicate with. A person who is very fast in economic matters. And then, a good politician who should be able to talk to Nigerians and so on. I have seen one or two or three already. They are in their 60s. I believe the person should emerge in 2023 if we can get him.”

On the future of Nigeria, the former President said he does believe in the future of the country.

“I believe in the future of Nigeria. But Nigerians don’t believe in the future of their country. They create and at the same time destroy their country,” he said.

He also talked about the leadership situation of the country, stating that the country could do better in that area. He further said the time has come for the country to do away with authoritarian-styled leadership.

“If you get a good leadership that links with the people and tries to talk with the people; not talking on top of the people, then we would be okay.”

On the issue of banditry and terrorism, the elder statesman believes the Nigerian military is trying its best in controlling the situation. He however stated that the military was overstretched and could do better in the area of manpower and weaponry.

On the agitation for cessation, Babangida said the unity of Nigeria should more important than any other discussion at the moment. He said sensitive issues like that should be resolved at a forum or a national conference.

Published 6th Aug, 2021

By Tola Owoyele


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