25.10.2021 news Immigration Denies Officer Promotion 3 Times for Following Due Process in Passport Issuance

Published 25th Oct, 2021

By Emmanuel Uti

For the third time in almost three years, Yemi Badru, a Deputy Superintendent of Immigration formerly attached to the Ikoyi Passport Office, has been denied promotion by the leadership of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).

Badru’s plight began on July 31, 2019, after he refused to breach the immigration protocol to favour Nasir Umah, a senior officer, who, upon seeing his disposition, slapped him repeatedly until blood flowed out of his nose.

Following Badru’s assault, the Lagos State Command of the Nigerian Immigration Service reached out to him via a letter, asking him to forgive Umah. Also, the command wrote a report, stating that Umah should be suspended for three weeks, but it never happened.

Following Badru’s assault, The PUNCH and The Guardian reported the incident but that only made matters worse for him.

“The command was upset when The Guardian published the assault on me. They said I was on press rides. Next, they recommended that I appear before the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee for dismissal,” he said.

“On seeing that, I discussed with lawyers who worked at the national industrial court in Lagos. The court ruled that they should not touch the subject matter, but they did not listen.”

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For taking the matter to court, the NIS transferred him from Ikoyi to Abuja.

“In the transfer letter, they wrote that I had requested to be transferred and, as a result, I would not get any allowance. It was also stated in the letter that I enjoyed my annual leave. Since then, I haven’t written a promotional test or been promoted,” Badru said.


Ever since Badru was transferred to Abuja, it’s been a war for him. His name was exempted from three promotion eligibility lists since 2019, while his assailant was promoted to the headquarters’ passport office.

FIJ gathered that Badru’s case was not Umah’s first assault. NIS had shielded him from the wrath of the law after he assaulted a pregnant woman at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja.

On September 30, the NIS released a circular to notify employees that were eligible for promotion to prepare for an exam, but Badru could not find his name.

To assuage this recurring situation, Badru cantacted the Ministry of Justice, which established a two-count charge against Umah.

“They said they would go to a magistrate court and use the police to arraign him,” he said.

Badru also went to the Public Complaints Commission to see how they could help him get justice and they assured him that they would take action.

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In August, Badru met with an investigative team at Panti in Lagos, where they demanded N50, 000 to investigate Umah, his assailant. Two months after, the team at Panti are unwilling to give him the findings of their reports and are reluctant to arrest Umah on the orders of the Ministry of Justice.

Also, the discipline and awards department of the NIS is unwilling to prosecute Umah. According to Badru, an official from the department told him they would never release Umah to the court.

Badru also wrote to CSP Ajisebutu, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, requesting his timely intervention on the matter, but he was told to discuss it with the NIS leadership, which was protecting the suspect and preventing the police from fulfilling their legal duty.

Published 25th Oct, 2021

By Emmanuel Uti


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