24.04.2021 news In-Law of Slain Greenfield University Student Pours Out Family’s Pains

Published 24th Apr, 2021

By Socrates Mbamalu

A Twitter user, ‘Yamai’, has narrated the painful ordeal of finding his sister-in-law, Dorathy Tirnom Yohanna, among three of the students abducted from Greenfield University, who have now been killed.

In a series of tweet directed at Tolu Ogunlesi, Special Assistant to the President on Digital and New Media, he said: “People’s children have become sports for bandits and kidnappers. I’m very angry right now because there’s just so much I don’t understand anymore. What’s the purpose of life as a Nigerian? What’s the sole responsibility of a government for/to the people?”

Two days after students of Greenfield University were abducted and a member of staff killed by armed bandits in Kaduna State, off the Kaduna-Abuja Road in Chikun LGA, three students were found dead.

The remains of the three students were found in Kwanan Bature village, a location not too far from the school premises, and were taken to a mortuary by the Commissioner, Internal Security and Home Affairs, and Force Commander, Operation Thunder Strike, Lt.Col. MH Abdullahi.

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The bandits who kidnapped 23 students from the private university are demanding for N800 million. The alarming rate of abductions comes weeks after 39 students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation were abducted.

“How can a mother bury her child? What’s the purpose of thoughts & prayers? Do we deserve to live and die like this in our own country? Do you understand why some of us choose to be “slaves” elsewhere than “kings” at home?” Yamai continued.

“The pain is unbearable. Everyone deserves the benefit of doubt, but do you think this government still deserves any? I need answers. They still have 20 more kids with some to be killed tomorrow if they don’t get what they’d asked for.

“Where do we go from here Tolu? Do we worry about tomorrow? Do we believe in a fair, just and righteous God? My mother-in-law hasn’t eaten or showered in 3 days since her daughter, whom she saw on Monday, got kidnapped and this death was the answer to her prayers.”

He demanded that something be done, and that Ogunlesi speak to President Muhammadu Buhari on the situation.

“You’re not the president, I know, but please talk to your boss,” he said. “The evil we do or our negligence surely does come around one way or the other. That’s the circle of life. Do something!! Bless you!!”

Published 24th Apr, 2021

By Socrates Mbamalu


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