18.01.2023 Featured Instagram Vendor Classicwearsbytee Blocks Another Customer After Failing to Deliver Order

Published 18th Jan, 2023

By Sodeeq Atanda

Nnam Better Primer, a Nigerian schooling in Cameroon, has narrated how an Instagram clothes seller, @classicwearsbytee, blocked her after failing to deliver her order.

Primer told FIJ that she trusted vendors on Instagram because she had not heard of many negative stories as per buying and selling of items on the platform.

This, according to Primer, made her think Classicwearsbytee was a trusted brand to patronise, so she ordered five items for N9,000, which were to be delivered on January 13.

Debit alert
Debit alert

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“I had bought items from this same Instagram handle, because that was where I felt there were less scams. So, I said I was interested in five pieces of clothing but to be sure, I would pay for three and pay for the other two when I received the order,” the student said.

“I paid for a top and two pairs of boyfriend jeans at the rate of N9,000 via a Palmpay account she sent to me.”

Primer told FIJ that before making the payment, she hesitated and asked the lady to provide a regular bank account but she said “no bank in Nigeria will allow me open an account with my business name”.

Still trusting that the vendor was reliable, Primer went ahead to pay and even ignored her brother who had advised against patronising an online business such as classicwearsbytee with no physical location and traceable identity.

“After confirming the credit, she assured that I would receive the items on January 14 at 8 am. I was eager to receive them and embark on a journey,” she said.

“My fear would later be confirmed when she failed to deliver on the agreed date, and on the following day, I called her, but she did not answer. I sent some chats to her on WhatsApp, but she only read and blocked me.

Instagram chat with the vendor
The Instagram vendor
The vendor
Whatsapp chat with the Instagram vendor

“I was going to send a message to her on Instagram when I saw that she had blocked me. At the moment, she has broken down every channel through which I could have contacted her.

“I was determined to know about her and I searched on Google till I came across a story FIJ published about this same woman and how she had scammed others. Everything said there was so similar to what I experienced.”

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The vendor, who had earlier told Primer that “I can’t flee with your money; I can’t tarnish my image and reputation because of some money”, ended up fleeing with her money.

FIJ attempted to get the vendor’s comments, but after this reporter introduced himself on a WhatsApp audio call, she hung up. She also blocked FIJ on WhatsApp after reading a chat sent to her.

Published 18th Jan, 2023

By Sodeeq Atanda


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