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12.01.2022 news ‘Kiss My Ass’ — Passenger’s Riposte to ‘Corrupt’ Lagos Train Official

Published 12th Jan, 2022

By Yakubu Mohammed

Mazi Abe Idris, a social media commentator, has accused officials at the new ultra modern train terminal in Ebute Metta, Lagos, of “barefaced” corruption.

To meet up with a train trip from Lagos to Abeokuta, Ogun State, scheduled for 08:00 am, Mazi went to the train station around 06:30 am on Wednesday.

“I just witnessed corruption this morning, and I was so shocked, tears came to my eyes,” he wrote. “It happened at the new ultra modern Lagos Train Terminal Ebute Metta.”

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“We just wanted to experience the much-talked-about train ride and maybe climb the Olumo Rock in Abeokuta,” said Mazi. “We were number three on the queue outside. Just before 07:00 am, the doors of the terminal were thrown open, and I walked up to a ticket booth.”

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Mazi requested three first-class tickets to Abeokuta from a “frowning gum-chewing female official.” But she said first-class tickets were no longer available.

Mazi said he was the first to step into the booth and as such was puzzled to learn that first-class tickets were sold out already. He also said he had gone to the booth the previous day for enquiries and was told tickets were not sold in advance.

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He requested to have a conversation with a supervisor of the station, but was told the supervisor was not around. 

According to Mazi, a few passengers were also surprised to hear that first-class tickets were no longer available. Someone directed him to a booth where Stella Okafor, another official at the station, was waiting. Mazi would learn that she is the public relations officer (PRO) of the unit.

“Okay, Ms Stella, I want to know what happened to the first-class tickets that should normally be on sale?” Mazi quoted himself to have asked. He was told someone had bought all the tickets.

“So, you sold all the first-class tickets to one individual, in advance, when your policy is not to sell tickets in advance?” Mazi asked. 

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He promised to write about the officials’ barefaced corruption on social media, but ignorant Stella said he would need permission for that. “Need permission to write about how you are scamming Nigerians at a newly opened public paying facility?” Mazi asked.

Stella answered in the affirmative.

”Kiss my ass, sir,” Mazi said. “Zaazaa zuuu. Zeh!”

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Published 12th Jan, 2022

By Yakubu Mohammed


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