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14.05.2022 Featured Kwara State Police Officers Detain Traveller, Extort N40,000 From Him

Published 14th May, 2022

By Joseph Adeiye

A Twitter user, @TeezeyA_, has accused officers of Kwara State Police Command of detaining him for about 5 hours and extorting N40,000 from him.

@TeezeyA_, an Akure-based biochemist, was travelling to Ilorin to attend a wedding when the officers stopped him.

“I’m just leaving Nigeria Police Force Oke Onigbin, Kwara. I was attending a wedding in Ilorin, from Akure. After Omu Aran, there was a checkpoint where all the officers on mufti stopped us,” he narrated.

Oke Onigbin is located in the Isin Local Government Area of Kwara State. The police officers wore jackets, but were not in uniform. They were all armed as they stopped some vehicles on the road.

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“They stopped my car, which is a public transport [vehicle], and told us to come down. I came down. One officer was joking with me. I responded well,” @TeezeyA_ said. 

Things took a more serious turn when he asked why the officers were checking people’s phones.  

“I thought it’s not legal, based on what Muyiwa Adejobi always says, never knew that’s an offense,” said @TeezeyA_ . 

“I was slapped from behind, and my phone fell off my hand. They asked for my password. I told them I couldn’t reveal that to them because it’s private, and that they should check my bags and search my pockets. I got another slap and, before I knew it, they took me and another guy from that spot to NPF Oke Onigbin station.

The officers taunted @TeezeyA_ by asking him to call Adejobi, the Police Public Relations Officer, at the police headquarters. 

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Some hours passed and @TeezeyA_ sought to find a way out of detention. 

“After several hours, I complained I was hungry. My phone wasn’t even in the station. I couldn’t make calls to any of my people as well. I knew I’d have to report my case later. So, I played with them because they were telling me to bring N200,000,” @TeezeyA_. 

“I had 2 mint 200 notes (N40,000) which I held for my friend’s wedding. I had to beg them to collect the money. They collected it and were just releasing me since 9am. It’s 3pm now.

“The officer who detained me was one Inspector Alex, another Inspector Ajayi released me hours later. 

“I’m ready to identify those officers. I’m sure they’d remember me.”

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According to @TeezeyA_, there were other victims of police detention and extortion by the same police officers. Some made instant money transfers to free themselves, while others gave out cash and made withdrawals.

Adejobi promised to get the police officers responsible for the Twitter user’s experience to face disciplinary action. “I have asked the PPRO in Kwara to fish them out,” Adejobi tweeted at Temitope on Saturday.

“The DPO has not reached out to me. I’ve got some messages, but not from the DPO,” the victim told FIJ on Saturday.

Published 14th May, 2022

By Joseph Adeiye


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