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09.05.2022 Featured Law Student Accuses Bolt Driver of Sexual Harassment, But Driver Says He Only Asked Her Out

Published 9th May, 2022

By Mariam Hamzat

Cynthia Ndubuisi, a law student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, has accused Obiasulu Basil, a Bolt driver, of sexually harassing her during a trip on Saturday.

In a series of tweets, Ndubuisi detailed how the driver told her she had no choice but to be his girlfriend.

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“So I was sexually harassed by a @Boltapp_ng rider yesterday. It made me too scared to leave my house because the guy said ‘I know your area and you’re lucky you’re a good girl’ when he dropped me off,” Ndubuisi wrote.

“This was after he went into details of how he’d have sex with me for hours. I recorded the later part of the conversation.

“Where he said ‘you’ll be my girlfriend’ and when I said no, then he laughed and said ‘see this girl; you think you have a choice?’ When he dropped me, he watched till I entered the gate to make sure it was my house.”

The passenger said she became scared when the driver raised his voice during the ride, demanding that she allow him impregnate her so they could get married to each other.

“This was after he told me that he could give me more than I make from hook up. Lol. Imagine,” Cynthia further tweeted.

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Cynthia, who later spoke to FIJ, explained how she had to play along while she was still in Obiasulu’s car for fear of being attacked. She also said the experience has prevented her from attending public functions because of the fear of being harassed again.

“It was really hurtful the way a lot of people were saying I was the one who encouraged the conversation. However, I knew it was better I spoke up because the way the man was speaking with so much authority, it was as if he was going to come and carry me. I had a wedding to attend, but I was afraid of running into him again,” she said.

Tweet containing Obiasulu’s conversation with Ndubuisi

“He said a lot of vulgar things, both the ones directed at me and the ones directed at the womenfolk generally. It took a while before I started recording, and I tried to make him repeat his statements, but he noticed I picked up my phone and became uncomfortable.

“Then he became careful. Before then, he had vividly described to me how he wanted me to lie down so he could have sex with me for one hour”.

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According to Ndubuisi, the Bolt driver’s name on the app was Basil, but the account number she transferred the fare for a ride to belongs to one Uchenna.

Ndubuisi said Obiasulu reached out to her again on Sunday evening and tried to get her to go out with him.

“When he called me again, he asked me if I was going to be alone. He also told me he wanted me,” the law student said.

When FIJ reached out to Obiasulu, he denied harassing the student in any way.

He also informed FIJ that he had been blocked on Bolt’s platform and had been unable to operate over the passenger’s complaint.

“I only told her I wanted to marry her, that I was not interested in dating. I didn’t touch her. I told her I don’t date, that instead of dating, I do hook-up. There was no harassment anywhere. She even paid me N1500 when the ride was N1100,” he explained.

Obiasulu also told FIJ that the student’s decision to record the conversation during the ride was an act of blackmail.

“We had a good back-and-forth conversation on how marriage is the best option during any relationship. I never talked about having sex with her,” Obiasulu said.

“Why will I say that when I didn’t have anything to do with her? She’s not my girlfriend, my friend or anything. Imagine you met someone and decided to see if the person would give you a chance, why would you talk about sex?

“This is how the devil operates. The way people will say something and you get to hear it from another side is surprising. Her reaching out to Bolt over this is surprising. I’m currently not happy as I cannot work.”

Published 9th May, 2022

By Mariam Hamzat


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