02.05.2021 Social Justice ‘Life is Once’ — Hinny Umoren Through the Eyes of Her Twitter Account

Published 2nd May, 2021


For four days, Iniobong Umoren trended on social media platforms, primarily Twitter and Facebook, with the Hashtag #FindHinnyHumoren.

Her friend, Umoh Uduak, living in Lagos, turned to Twitter for help when Umoren, who had gone to a job interview venue along Airport road in Akwa Ibom State where she also lived, sent her an audio message with a distressed voice. Subsequent calls to her did not connect. She was reportedly raped and killed by the person who asked her to come for an interview.

Iniobong Umoren

Since she went missing on April 29, the hashtag #FindHinnyUmoren had been shared thousands of times by Nigerians who never knew her. But a review of her social media activities gives insight into who she was and what motivated her.

Lived by What is Really

On Twitter, she described herself as a pragmatic humanist. This gives her out as one who would act based on what is real and practicable and not on theories and assumptions.

She proudly labelled herself a skin care product formulator and a lover of people with sense.

‘Her Tweets are Elite

Five days ago, she showed her philosophical self in a post about the fleeting nature of life’s conditions, admonishing that the knowledge that nothing lasts forever “should make you value what you have now”. In another post, she pushed the point that “life is once” and happiness should be pursued.

A comment on Umoren’s post described her tweets as ‘elite’. It was a comment on her post condemning domestic violence. An orphan who sponsored her education herself, Umoren understood that the family is the first level of every society.

Personal Investment was Important to Her

Personal growth and investment were important to Umoren, a birthday wish, posted on Twitter on April 10, showed. Six out of 10 wishes on her list were about making her life better. She wanted a job, investment in her business, more training to improve her skin care business among others.

Shortly after her birthday, she wrote: “…It’s your determination and will that decides if you stay up, invest in yourself so much so that when they (sic) opportunity comes, you’re not found wanting.”

Umoren was Humorous

In response to a Twitter user who urged people to respect themselves as nobody had died from sexual urge, Umoren jokingly wrote: “Just in case you feel like it will kill you, take 2 tablets of this medicine immediately.”

Umoren’s Four Reasons to Live

Perhaps hit by the reality that she was growing older and had not achieved much, Umoren, a tertiary institution graduate who simply wanted to work before the mandatory one-year national youth service, tweeted four reasons keep living: life, beauty, intelligence and God.

Nigeria Frustrated Her

During her last week alive, she wrote about the negative occurrences in the country. It is draining and frustrating, she said. In a comment, she wrote: “Surviving is compulsory for me.”

But she never got a shot at surviving. The negativity she had ranted about claimed her life.

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Published 2nd May, 2021



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