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24.01.2023 Featured Nigerian Internet Fraudster Repents Because of Victim’s Battle With Depression

Published 24th Jan, 2023

By Joseph Adeiye

Christopher Maxwell, a 34-year-old Nigerian, has joined Social Catfish, an American company preventing online scams through reverse search technology, after scamming four women of $30,000. 

Maxwell said that the misery his last victim suffered made him rethink his fraudulent activities. 

In an interview with Daily Mail, Australia Maxwell revealed the methods he used to get thousands of dollars from single women during a six-year scamming stint. 

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“My first year was kind of rough and by the second year I had saved a stranger’s picture from Instagram onto my phone and started texting middle aged women who I met on Tinder,” Maxwell explained. 

“They just wanted a man to love them for the rest of their life. 

“I told them I wasn’t allowed to do video calls because I was in the army and we weren’t allowed to show where we were.”

Maxwell said that he provided different bank accounts for the single ladies, who were usually above 50 years old, to send some money to him. He convinced his victims that he was interested in pursuing a relationship with them but he could not access his bank account at such moments. 

After fleecing his first three victims out of a couple of thousands of dollars, Maxwell duped an American woman out of $20,000. 

The American woman stopped sending Maxwell the hundreds of dollars he had been collecting in batches when she realised he was a conman. Maxwell said that he found out that his actions had ruined his victim’s family life.

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Christopher Maxwell the Nigerian
Christopher Maxwell. PHOTO CREDIT: Daily Mail

“At some point, she became depressed, and her kids stopped talking to her because of me,” Maxwell told Daily Mail. 

“I started feeling this guilty conscience and I called her on video call and told her I’d been scamming her. 

“She cried. I thought she was going to block me because what I did was very wrong but she didn’t.” 

Maxwell said that he intended to send all the money collected back to his victims as soon as he got enough to do so. He hasn’t sent any money yet.

Published 24th Jan, 2023

By Joseph Adeiye


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