Late Zoe Avadoo Imbul with her twin sister Chole Imbul

21.01.2021 news ‘No Doctor in Emergency Room’ as Two-Month-Old Twin Dies at Randle Hospital

Published 21st Jan, 2021


Zoe Avadoo Imbul, a two-month-old twin, lost her life on January 16 due to the negligence of a nurse at Randle General Hospital Surulere, her parents are alleging.

Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Imbul announced the death of their daughter Zoe during a live broadcast on Instagram while accusing Randle Hospital of culpability in the death.

“They killed my child, the nurse killed my Child. I will not leave here today until they bring back my child. You don’t know what I went through when I gave birth to those children; they must give me my Zoe,” the distraught mother lamented.

While crying profusely, she said Zoe was alright until she developed a high temperature and was unable to eat properly.

“This made us take her to Randle Hospital for checkup,” she said. “We were admitted and she was put on oxygen. She was still healthy, but after they took blood from her for test, my daughter’s health went down suddenly.”

She said she breastfed Zoe and played with her afterwards, but few minutes later, she realised Zoe wasn’t breathing properly or responding. She immediately called on the attention of the nurse on duty but the nurse sent her back to the ward, saying there no doctor was available.

“How would they tell me in a whole ER, there is no doctor available?” she wondered.

She added that after going back to the ward and realizing that her daughter wasn’t any better, she returned to the nurse, begging her to come check her daughter’s health. This time, the nurse shouted at her, asking her to leave her sight. Not long after, Zoe died.

The father of the late Zoe lamented that if only he knew better, he would not have brought his child to the hospital. He said his wife told him she had a bad feeling about the hospital but before he could get there, his daughter had died.

Late Zoe Avadoo Imbul with her twin sister Chole Imbul
Late Zoe Avadoo Imbul with her twin sister Chole Imbul

“I need justice for my baby; she was such a beautiful child and I know how much of my hard-earned money I had spent on my baby,” he said. “I need Randle Hospital to pay for being the cause of my beautiful Zoe’s death.”

FIJ reached out to the parents of the deceased for further comments, but Zoe’s father said his family weren’t in the right frame of mind to speak.

All attempts to contact Randle Hospital for their comments on the allegations against them proved abortive, as calls to the official line listed on their website did not connect for days.

According to the Professional Conduct for Medical and Dental Practitioners, failure to attend promptly to a patient requiring urgent attention when the practitioner is in a position to do so can amount to professional negligence, which is punishable with:

  1. Suspension for a period of six months; or
  2. Having the practitioners name struck off the medical or dental register, as the case may be.
  3. Patients can also seek legal redress through a Court of law by filling civil claims for tortuous liability and a breach of duty of care.

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Published 21st Jan, 2021



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