Ben Ezenekwe Kosisochukwu,

04.07.2024 Featured One Year After Ezenekwe Kosisochukwu Took Man’s N3m, No CoS, No Refund

Published 4th Jul, 2024

By Olayide Soaga

Augustine Ogugua, a Logos-based man, has narrated to FIJ how he took a N3 million loan to pay Ben Ezenekwe Kosisochukwu, a travel agent, but got neither the document nor a refund.

Ogugua told FIJ that his sister introduced him to Kosisochukwu in 2023. In April of that year, he began speaking with him about his plans to travel to the United Kingdom.

“After I told him about my plans, he convinced me that travelling as a dependant would be more favourable because I could work multiple jobs and wouldn’t be limited to just one caregiving job. He also promised to pair me with another lady interested in travelling. He said he would pair me with her as her dependant,” said Ogugua.

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Ogugua's proof of payment
Ogugua’s proof of payment

Ogugua agreed to Kosisochukwu’s suggestion, and on June 29, his sister sent the sum of N3 million to the agent. After Kosisochukwu acknowledged the payment, he promised Ogugua his CoS would be ready within four to six weeks.

Ogugua exercised patience.

In August, he contacted Kosisochukwu to inquire about the progress of the CoS and was told that the United Kingdom government was making some changes to the country’s immigration policy, which was beginning to affect the companies that specialise in caregiving.

“He also told me he could not get a CoS for the lady I was supposed to pair with. I waited till October, and he assured me he would issue a refund,” Ogugua told FIJ.

That was not the only time Ogugua was promised a refund.

The stories were the same when Ogugua contacted him in October, November and December of that year. This continued until April 2024.

He also told FIJ that his last conversation with Kosisochukwu was in April 2024 and he had been unresponsive to his calls and text messages since their last conversation.

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Kosisochukwu’s failure to provide a CoS or make a refund has not only shattered Ogugua’s dream of travelling to the United Kingdom but has also got him neck-deep in debt. He told FIJ that he had collected a loan to pay Kosisochukwu with the hope that he could repay the loan when he travelled.

“It has been hard for my family to repay the loan. I just want him to refund me so I can repay the loan and get this behind me,” Ogugua told FIJ.

FIJ sent Kosisochukwu text messages via SMS and WhatsApp, but he did not respond.

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Published 4th Jul, 2024

By Olayide Soaga


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