20.07.2021 news Police Sack Constable for Fighting Superiors Who Questioned her Elaborate Hairstyle (Video)

Published 20th Jul, 2021

By Gabriel Ogunjobi

Tolulope Dosunmu, a junior police officer of the Area ‘F’ Command in Lagos, has been dismissed since mid-June after brawling with some of her senior colleagues at the Lagos Police Command Headquarters in Ikeja, FIJ can report.

According to a source, Dosunmu, a Constable attached to the Divisional Police Officer, was sent on her errand to the police headquarters when some inspectors challenged her for spotting an elaborate hairstyle.

A female officer is not expected to wear an elaborate hairstyle while wearing the police uniform. Section 128 (c) of the Nigeria Police Act states thus: “A woman police officer whilst in uniform shall not dress her hair in such fashion that it falls over the uniform collar”.

“The hair, if long, is to be pinned or plaited over the top of the head, or if worn in short plaits, the plaits are to be tucked under the uniform cap.”

In a video obtained by FIJ, an angry Dosunmu can be seen arguing with her superiors when questioned over the long hair.

In the ensuing fight, she would tear the uniform of one of the female police officers, an act that prompted the officers to file a complaint against her at the command headquarters for “being rude and violent”, FIJ learnt.

Dosunmu was subsequently detained and tried in the orderly room for five days, after which a recommendation for her dismissal was made.

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A signal signed by Hakeem Odumosu, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, stated that the junior officer was guilty of “uncleanliness, disobedience to lawful order and gross insubordination, discreditable conduct, contrary to paragraph P, F, L and E of the Police Act and Regulation”.

Signal for the dismissal of Tolulope Dosunmu

For the past one week, Dosunmu’s dismissal has become a topic of controversy at the Area F Command, with some believing that the punishment outweighs her offence.

Although the commissioner’s decision can be appealed, the Police Act stipulates that “a junior officer who is guilty of an offence against discipline shall be liable to dismissal, reduction in rank, withholding or deferment of increment, reprimand”.

The punishment “can also be fine, confinement to barracks for any number of days not exceeding 14 days, fatigues or other duties or punishment drill not exceeding a total of 10 separate hours”.

Odumosu had also instructed that Dosunmu be removed from the Nigeria Police payroll.

Muyiwa Adejobi, the Lagos police spokesman, is yet to respond to FIJ’s text message seeking comments on the issue.

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Published 20th Jul, 2021

By Gabriel Ogunjobi


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