Shuaibu Yushau, a man who climbed a broadcast mast on Monday in protest of economic hardship.

09.07.2024 Featured Police Want to Prosecute Abuja Protester Who Climbed Broadcast Mast

Published 9th Jul, 2024

By Joseph Adeiye

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command has announced it will bring charges against Shuaibu Yushau, a man who climbed a broadcast mast on Monday in protest of economic hardship, if he is found to be mentally stable.

Josephine Adeh, the FCT police’s public relations officer, said the protester would be charged with attempted suicide, among other offences.

Shuaibu Yushau, a man who climbed a broadcast mast on Monday in protest of economic hardship.

“We have sent Shuaibu Yushau, the man who climbed a broadcast mast yesterday, to the Social Development Secretariat for mental evaluation. If found mentally stable after the test, he will be charged to court for attempted suicide, disturbance of public peace and incitement,” Adeh wrote on X.

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Adeh said that Yushau’s “offences are contrary to sections 231, 111 and 114 of the Penal Code Act”. According to Nigerian law, attempted suicide is punishable by one year in prison. A person will also be liable to life imprisonment if they help or procure another means to kill themself.

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Yushau, an FCT resident, climbed the broadcast mast belonging to Aso Radio and Television to protest economic hardship in the country.

Among other demands, he called for a return to the petrol subsidy regime ended by President Bola Tinubu.

“Long enough for government to stand by and do nothing while Boko Haram, bandits and kidnappers are killing people in the country every day,” a note left near the mast read.

“Long enough for inflation rate to continue rising rapidly. Long enough for [the] number of out-of-school children to continue increasing. Long enough for me to keep quiet.”

According to TheCable, Yushau had to be convinced to come down from the mast by Florence Wenegieme, the acting general manager of the FCT Emergency Management Department, who assured him that his message would reach the president.

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Published 9th Jul, 2024

By Joseph Adeiye


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