15.05.2021 news Protest in Jos Over Lebanese Who Gets Underage Girls to Sleep with Him and His Dogs

Published 15th May, 2021

By Damilola Ayeni

A protest ensued in the Abattoir area of Jos, Plateau State, on Friday over alleged police mishandling of a sexual molestation case involving a Lebanese man known as ‘The Godfather’.

According to members of Abattoir community, the Lebanese was in the act of luring minors into his house and taking turns with his dogs to sleep with them. He was exposed after he posted one of the sex videos online.

“They arrested an old Lebanese man known as The Godfather in Jos,” Suzie wrote on Twitter on Friday. “He’s been raping young girls six to 11, mostly hawkers, for many years. He also made them sleep with his dogs. And he filmed everything. He was caught because someone saw one of the videos he posted online.”

An eye witness at the protest who spoke in a video posted on Twitter by Matthew Tegha said the man was arrested by the police on Thursday but had not been seen since then. He noted that community members would not allow the police take away the 12 young girls already known to have been molested by the Lebanese until they produced him.

In another video, some of The Godfather’s alleged victims are being addressed by community women in front of a police station. Most of the girls were said to have been lured while hawking goods on the street.

Some young people were said to have invaded the suspect’s house in an attempt destroy it, but the police intervened.

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Published 15th May, 2021

By Damilola Ayeni


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