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21.01.2023 Featured Rather Than Return Customer’s N300,000 After Failing to Produce a Piece of Land, Ankor Farms Petitions the Police

Published 21st Jan, 2023

By Joseph Adeiye

Ankor Agricultural Ltd., a company based in Ibadan, has refused to refund Bolarinwa Odupe, a businesswoman’s N300,000 after failing to deliver a land she paid N600,000 for in 2022.

Odupe said she made an initial N200,000 payment, then she sent N400,000 afterwards.

“It has been a year now. I made full payment to the Ankor Farms to get a land with the sole purpose of starting an agricultural business. They failed to allocate the land,” Odupe told FIJ.

“It was someone who I used to see as a friend that introduced Ankor to me. I saw the offers for the lands and paid N200,000 upfront. When I told them that I wished to inspect the land, they told me to wait for some weeks. After the delay, I finally got to see the land and paid the N400,000 balance the following day.”

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Bank transaction details obtained by FIJ revealed that Odupe paid Ankor Farms N200,000 on January 21 and N400,000 on April 20, 2022.

Proof of transfer to Ankor Agricultural Ltd
Proof of transfer to Ankor Agricultural Ltd

Odupe told FIJ that Ankor was reluctant to provide a receipt for her payments on both occasions.

“The first time I paid the N200,000, it took weeks before they (Ankor) gave me a receipt. The same thing happened when I paid N400,000 too. They gave me a lot of excuses; that they were in the farm or that there was no network. I asked for the papers of my land, but they delayed me,” Odupe explained.

“At one point, I told them that I had lost interest and they should return my money. This was all because they did not make me feel comfortable with the deal. I cannot work on a piece of land without documents proving I bought it. I don’t want to be involved in any land dispute.”

Odupe told FIJ that she eventually had to complain about Ankor Farms on social media before she got their attention. Ankor offered to get her a suitable piece of land, but Odupe said that she wasn’t interested anymore. Ankor then promised to make a refund as Odupe requested.

Another delay made Odupe write to the commissioner of police in Oyo State.

“I wrote to the police about Ankor’s delay refunding my N600,000. While I was at the police station, one of Ankor’s representatives called me. I don’t know how they knew I had gone to the police,” Odupe told FIJ.

“Ankor’s representative told me that they were ready to pay me there and then. I provided the necessary details and got N200,000 instead of the N600,000. The representative gave an excuse about the company having account issues and convinced me to wait till the following month for my balance.

“Ankor did not pay my balance the following month and I returned to the police to complain. The company paid N100,000 the same way it made a transaction on my first visit to the police.”

Odupe complaining to an agent about Ankor's delay
Odupe complaining to an agent about Ankor's delay
Odupe complaining to an agent about Ankor’s delay
Conversation between Odupe and Ankor's legal representative
Conversation between Odupe and Ankor’s legal representative
Conversation between Odupe and an Ankor's representative
Conversation between Odupe and an Ankor’s representative

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Odupe told FIJ that Ankor had refused to pay the remaining N300,000 ever since. Instead, they wrote a petition to the police in Osun State, claiming Odupe wanted to illegally recover debts from them.

Ankor's petition against Odupe
Ankor’s petition against Odupe
Odupe's legal representatives' response to Ankor's petition
Odupe's legal representatives' response to Ankor's petition
Odupe’s legal representatives’ response to Ankor’s petition

Odupe’s legal representatives responded to the September 1 petition to the Zone XI Police Headquarters in Osogbo, Osun State.

When FIJ called Omotayo Afolabi, Ankor’s representative, his phone was switched off. Afolabi had not responded to a text message asking why Ankor delayed Odupe’s refund at press time.

Published 21st Jan, 2023

By Joseph Adeiye


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