27.05.2021 Social Justice REVEALED: A Human-Parts-Selling Gang ‘Operates in Rivers in Cahoots with the Police’

Published 27th May, 2021

By Adeola Oladipupo

A yet-to-be-identified lady has narrated her experience when she was abducted by a human parts selling gang along Iwofe Road in Port Harcourt and taken to a forest at Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State on Sunday.

In a viral video on social media, the lady, who filmed herself and her bruises but did not state her name, said she was also assaulted during the encounter.

Although FIJ could not independently verify her claims, she explained that kidnappers slaughter victims on an iron table and sell human parts to influential persons and that through collusion with police operatives and persons in the local government, they get information which helps them to evade arrest.

She also said the abductions and body part sale are on the rise because of the 2023 elections.

Her Words

Good evening, my people. I want to explain what happened to me on my way from work to my house.

I boarded a tinted keke, mini bus that was going to St Johns, Iwofe Road. When I entered, I was not the only person. When we all entered the bus, we saw knives and guns. They said everyone should be silent or be killed.

The next thing, they opened a cooler containing human parts including breasts. Everything was inside with ice block.

They said we would be killed if we talked. When we got to a police checkpoint, the police did not check vehicles. They were collecting N100 from motorists. We could not shout because we were at a point where we would be killed.

We endured until we found ourselves in a forest at Etche Local Government where they sell human parts. People would come in cars to buy human parts which they put in food flask and take to their houses.

I heard them say that 2023 election was coming. People are dying daily in Nigeria. People are kidnapped every day in Nigeria. See what they did to my body.

They abducted me on Sunday, 23rd of May and released me… after they told my family to pay.

…Yesterday they killed a lady, slaughtered and sold her part. She did not have children.

Horrible things are happening in Rivers State. They abduct children and young girls and boys.

People go missing in this country but we don’t know. You won’t see your neighbours for a week and won’t know whether they had been kidnapped.

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Kidnappers are selling human parts. People come there to buy. My people, fight against human slaughter, please.

At the place the abductors took me, they blindfolded me after my family members had cooperated with them, they blindfolded me and brought me back. The only thing I remember is when I raised by eyes, I saw Catholic Church of Nigeria at Etche Local Government.

When I was there, the Police called that people coming to pay ransom, were coming with the Police and we should be moved to another camp inside the forest. That was the interaction between the police and the kidnappers.

The chief and everybody in the local government are aware of happenings in that local government.

Please help, people are dying. There are more people there; victims are there; they are selling human parts.

They slaughter people on an iron table there. I saw seven people die…

Published 27th May, 2021

By Adeola Oladipupo


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