18.02.2021 Justice ‘She Sold Sponge to My Sister-In-Law in Canada’ — 50 Buyers Duped By Hair Vendor Mizwanneka Speak Out After FIJ’s Story

Published 18th Feb, 2021

By Kolajo Onasoga

Members of the public who paid for hair from online hair vendor @Mizwanneka but did not get it or were given far inferior quality of hair have come out to share their experiences.

The complaints were lodged on social media, particularly Twitter and the FIJ website, on Wednesday and Thursday after FIJ’s story exposing Nwanneka Dorcas Nkumah, CEO Mizwanneka Hair’s track record of failed promises to customers and outright non-delivery of service without commensurate refund of funds.

Some of the comments on FIJ’s wesbite read:

“She will always deliver nonsense to you, she advertised the real hair collect your money and deliver low quality hair. Mine was like sponge after 3months.” — Chineyere

“Finally people have spoken up, it was only December/January that I went to war in her store and I still got substandard goods!! And her staff had guts to insist it was the same and required styling. She needs to feel the impact of this.” — Mayus

“I and my sister purchased hair from her too in October 2020. It took over 2 months before the hair was available for pickup, and when we got it, all 4 packs of hair were totally different from what we ordered. From hair color to texture to volume and to even length. All we could do was regret because at the store, no one would even answer you when you complain.” — Joy

“She’s a thief. I have more evidence to prove what you’ve just written.. personal experience!! Although I got my money back because I was ready for her with soldiers and Lawyers. My money wasn’t in the 100s but no one should be allowed to subdue people who are paying for a service. Her staff are all trained to bully people. Again, she’s a thief! Btw “no refund policy” doesn’t apply if the vendor does not deliver your order at the stipulated time. What you would be requesting for is a return of your money not refund.” — Thie

“Nwanneka is not just a scam, she is a thief… she took my 296,000 and delivered worse than nonsense hairs to me after 4-5 months . My hard earned money, it’s high time she paid for the pain she caused people. It’s really wicked and inhuman of her… I call tire sotey den stop to pick my calls, the kind ignore them stone me eh, nah God go destroy that demon in human for…” — Chinenye Charlotte

“Oh so finally we will get justice. I have proof of how she scammed me of over 130,000 naira. I called her out after all my messages were ignored and what I got in return was a call from her staff almost threatening me for making a post about it . Its shocking how she gets away with all these fraud.” — Frances

“Same here. She is a real scammer. Ordered nine hairs from the 30 under 30 sales in December. Kept on pleading for them to deliver. Nwanneka herself even insulted me on Instagram when i messaged her. After four months 7 out of nine were delivered…and guess what. Fake smelly hairs. My hard earned money gone. I have been sending message to them ever since but they wont even respond. Am ready to take this matter up.” — Nne

“Finally, the D-day is here. I knew she wld be caught some day. Nwanneka is a big scam. She sold useless hairs to me. The hairs takes forever to be delivered & when you get them, they are fake hairs. When you complain,she’ll insult and block you. She has blocked me but not after i told her my mind. She’s a big scam. Her rudeness is what I can’t stand. She’s competing with herself really.” — Nina

“Big time scammer…I told her that her doom is near… I complained about getting a different hair from what I ordered and the only thing the customer rep could say was, sorry for the inconvenience… I weak o” — Pweety.

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Twitter is where majority of the comments were made, with at least 41 of them directly or indirectly indicting Mizwanneka. One Twitter user Adenike said: “Wanneka that sold sponge to my sister in law in Canada.”

Other comments are below:



Published 18th Feb, 2021

By Kolajo Onasoga


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