20.07.2021 Journalism ‘Slave Masters!’ — Ex-Staff Revisit their Torrid Times at Tek Experts

Published 20th Jul, 2021

By Damilola Adeyera

Hours after FIJ published a story on how employees of Tek Experts are living on “Low Pay, high blood pressure”, a number of former employees of the IT company have come forward to share their unpleasant experiences at the firm. 

In the story, FIJ highlighted the life of employees of Tek Experts, a partner with Microsoft and a global provider of business and IT support services, located in one of the posh places in Lagos, on the island. 

“One employee choked on his food and died before they could get him medical attention. Another slumped at work and died. And yet another, after his shift at 10pm, died in a road accident. The office had a rule against sleeping over. The management later on opened a clinic at the premises,” the report read in part. 

Afterwards, a Twitter user, Victor Efedi, said he worked with the company between 2018 and 2020. He blamed bad labour laws in Nigeria for the company’s actions. 

His Tweet read: “These guys have the money to pay the best lawyers in the country to use the laws to write the worst contracts for employees. Nothing they are doing is illegal.You think slave master became extinct? Think again. Now they wear suit and tie in the corporate world and live in the island.”

Another witness, Samson Dzungwe, described management of the company as “slave masters”. He said he worked for the company for two years and was left “indebted to his bank as well as with a high blood pressure and Migraine”. 

For Nwaora, Tek Experts was the most toxic place she ever worked at. She spent two years with the company. “Can’t start to enumerate what I went through, thank God for deliverance,” she tweeted. 

Okunade Mayowa resigned five days after assuming a role at Tek Experts. He had always dreamt of working with the company but was disappointed when the opportunity finally arrived.

“True!, I joined Tek Experts on the 5th of July with joy, dream came true. I had always wished to be a staff coming out of that building. We started orientation and training. I resigned on 9th of july (after five days ) because I knew I would never cope with the work ethic. Too regid!!”

Published 20th Jul, 2021

By Damilola Adeyera


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