Surajudeen Odunewu

05.07.2024 Featured Surajudeen Odunewu Won’t Return N5m to Friend He Duped Before Relocating to Canada

Published 5th Jul, 2024

By Timileyin Akinmoyeje

Despite promising a refund in April, Surajudeen Odunewu has not returned the N5 million he took from Ayeni Olusakin (not his real name), a friend and business partner, after selling him fake land in December 2023.

On April 15, FIJ reported how Odunewu, whose alias is ‘Owo-Iya’, orchestrated a fake land sale, causing Olusakin to lose money because he needed funds to relocate to Canada. The unsuspecting friend, who had worked with Odunewu for about four years, did not see through the ruse until it was a tad too late.

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They had agreed on the transfer of land ownership in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, but Odunewu failed to provide the necessary documents. Trusting his friend, the victim began working on the pretend piece of land without securing the proper documentation. This decision soon came back to haunt him.

After some time, the victim discovered that others had raised a fence and posted a land theft caveat on the property. By then, Odunewu had become unreachable. However, Odunewu eventually contacted the victim and promised to refund him in April.

When FIJ contacted Odunewu in February, he promised to refund the amount and even offered to pay interest. He admitted to selling the fake land and assured he would return the money once he had settled into his new job abroad.

As of press time, Odunewu had not refunded the victim in cash or land. The victim confirmed that Odunewu has not contacted him since making the promise.

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“He hasn’t reached out to me since then. He didn’t bother to contact me,” the victim told FIJ.

FIJ texted and called Odunewu between June 29 and June 31 to remind him of his promise, but received no response at all.

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Published 5th Jul, 2024

By Timileyin Akinmoyeje


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