12.12.2022 Featured Tinubu Campaign Officials Want Arise TV’s Rufai, THISDAY’s Momodu Reassigned Over ‘Media Attacks’

Published 12th Dec, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu

The board of editors of THISDAY Newspapers and The ARISE News Channel have accused two senior campaign officials of the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign officials of attempting to influence the redeployment of Shaka Momodu, THISDAY Editor, and Rufai Oseni, ARISE News broadcaster.

In a joint statement issued on Monday, the group fingered Bayo Onanuga, APC’s Presidential Campaign Council (PCC)’s Director of Media and Publicity, and Dele Alake, the party’s director of strategic communication, of attempting to silence independent media.

Their position was captured in a joint statement titled “Tinubu and THISDAY/ARISE Media Group and the Attack on Free Speech.”

The statement read in part, “We also note that two senior APC campaign officials had separately requested that we move THISDAY Editor and columnist,Shaka Momodu, and The Morning Show co-host on ARISE News, Rufai Oseni, from their current positions to stop the attacks or get reprieve from a future Tinubu presidency.

“The Boards of Editors of THISDAY Newspapers and the ARISE News Channel would like to state without equivocation that we do not fire journalists because of their views.”

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According to the board, the PCC had on several occasions in recent weeks accused the media outfits of bias against their principal.

ThisDay's Press Release
ThisDay's Press Release
ThisDay's Press Release

The statement reads in part, “The Board of Editors of THISDAY/ARISE News Channel have followed with amusement, if not pity, the serial attacks by the Presidential Campaign Council of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC), not only on THISDAY Newspapers and ARISE News Channel, but also its Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, Nduka Obaigbona, not just out of sheer peer envy, but in a bid to silence independent media, cower and bully free press in a copycat style of the redoubtable 46th US President Donald Trump against independent media.

“In at least four separate press statements and interviews in the last three weeks, the APC PCC Director of Media and Publicity, Mr Bayo Onanuga, and its Adviser on Strategic Communications, Mr Dele Alake, instead of factually responding to the issues or sending a petition to our Ombudsman, have variously accused the group of bias against its candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. They are wrong. Truth and the pursuit thereof, and the reporting of facts is no bias.

“The duo has taken unprofessionalism, recklessness, picayune politics and blackmail to a new art form. After their first press statement, we ignored them; but they authored a second statement, which we again ignored, not wanting to insert ourselves into the political discourse.

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“But the more we have ignored them the more they have mistaken our silence for cowardice and continued their unrelentless attacks with virulence, even threatening us with The Nigerian Press Council.

“A press council that has been completely rejected by the mainstream independent Nigerian media precisely for this reason: misuse and abuse by an incipient dictatorship.

“Imagine these insecure duo of Onanuga and Alake already threatening the free press when they are seeking our votes. What will they do if Tinubu was elected President? Kill independent media or take their markets over using the power of the state and replacing them with media platforms they control and which kowtow to them?

“In the light of these continued attacks aimed at bullying and silencing free and fair journalism we will now set the records straight.

“We note that these attacks intensified since the publication in the THISDAY edition of 18th November, 2022 of the death of Mueez Adegboyega Akande, a Tinubu associate mentioned as being involved, by the US authorities in a drug trafficking investigation of the APC candidate in 1993.

“What are the facts? The THISDAY report introduced the person that died as Mueez but included a condolence message from Lagos State governor to the family of Dr Kolapo Akande.

“Did THISDAY mix-up the identity (of two brothers?) We needed to be sure before issuing an apology. We needed to hear from the family. Till date we have not heard from the family. The fact is that mistakes in reporting the death of someone who may not have died is not unusual in the media.

“But then a quick statement from the family of the person so reported to have died, as happened when the media mistakenly reported the death of the late nationalist and past President, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, in the ‘90s, would have quickly laid the matter to rest.

“Most newspapers, including the national television stations (Except THISDAY) made the error and was quickly corrected. THISDAY later became the first newspaper on May 12, 1996, to exclusively break the true story of the passing of Nnamdi Azikiwe.”

The group accused Onanuga of misrepresenting Kolapo as Mueez, an Accord Party member.

“Where was Onanuga’s professionalism in passing off Mueez for Kolapo? Did he verify his story as a journalist of several decades? Strangely, the trio of naijanews.com, sarconnectmedia.com, kossyderrickent.com, which highlighted the poster in an internet search outline, have since deleted it on their websites,” the statement further read.

“What a curious coincidence! Perhaps, Onanuga, the self-assigned publicist of the Akandes, may wish to clarify this. He should also clarify his relationship and the relationship of the APC PCC with the Akandes and why they would issue a statement on behalf of the family.

“Or better still, get Mueez Akande to step out, so we can close this matter. We note that the APC campaign council is riled by our report on Akande’s death.”

According to THISDAY/ARISE Board of Editors, with documents already in the public domain about Tinubu’s funds forfeiture over drug investigation in the United States of America, it was important to state that for national security, foreign policy and national interest, any candidate aspiring to be the president of Nigeria should not shy away from media scrutiny.

They said it was a national security question for which all patriots had to seek answers, saying it went to the heart of the country’s democracy and its political stability.

They also demanded for full and complete answers on the entire circumstances leading to the forfeiture.

They recalled the case of Manuel Noriega, the Panamanian leader who the US helped to put in power between 1983 and 1989, and whose involvement in drug trafficking later led to the US invasion of Panama and his capture, trial and conviction in Miami.

The editors warned that Nigeria, “cannot afford a Noriega moment despite some of the acrobatics of APC spokesmen trying to make light of forfeiture of funds linked to drug trafficking.”

“Have the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), the Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) investigated this? We need their reports and clarity, one way or the other, in this most important national security question on the 2023 elections with implications for our democracy,” the media group said.

“We also note that two senior APC campaign officials had separately requested that we move THISDAY Editor and columnist, Shaka Momodu, and The Morning Show co-host on ARISE News, Rufai Oseni, from their current positions to stop the attacks or get reprieve from a future Tinubu presidency.

“The Boards of Editors of THISDAY Newspapers and the ARISE News Channel would like to state without equivocation that we do not fire journalists because of their views.

“Facts are sacred and opinions free is the age-old dictum to which all free-thinking men subscribe. We allow our editors the freedom to air their opinions unfettered and have created The Office of the Ombudsman to take any complaints and discipline any abuse of office by any of our staff members.

“We will continue to be open, unbiased and professional. However, we will not be intimidated by the bullying tactics of some APC campaign officials. As Michelle Obama said in response to Donald Trump, when ‘they (Onanuga and Alake) go low, we go high’, for the greater good of journalism and Nigeria.

“A journalism that holds leaders accountable to the people by always telling truth to power. In the words of Othman Dan Fodio, “Conscience is an Open Wound, Only Truth Can Heal It.”

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Published 12th Dec, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu


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