29.03.2021 news With a Helping Hand from Nancy Isime, ‘Mizwanneka’ Takes Fraudulent Hair Business to Ghana

Published 29th Mar, 2021

By Socrates Mbamalu

Nwanneka Nkumah, popularly referred to as ‘Mizwanneka’, on Sunday expanded her business to Ghana despite defrauding scores of people who had paid for hair back in Nigeria but had not received it.

Mizwanneka, who advertised a “buy one and get a free hair”, also got Nollywood actress Nancy Isime to promote her product on Facebook and Instagram.

Isime wrote on her Facebook page, “Absolutely looking forward to hosting the @mizwanneka hair gallery opening.” This was followed by comments from other celebrities.

Mizwanneka uses promos to attract customers but has garnered a reputation for not delivering the orders of her non-celebrity customers, many of whom leave comments on her Instagram page.

Mizwanneka has over 780k followers on Instagram and has opened another page for her Ghanaian customers who are yet to know her history of defrauding customers in Nigeria.

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An investigation by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism on February 19, 2021 showed that some customers waited for as long as four months before their order was delivered.

Mizwanneka has accumulated a string of celebrity friends who insulate her from being held accountable for her fraud.

Isime later wrote, “I had such a great time hosting the Mizwanneka’s Ghana flagship store opening yesterday.”

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With a retinue of celebrities, many customers, mostly women have been unable to retrieve their money or their orders. Mizwanneka continues to evade scrutiny and keeps expanding her business.

One reply on “With a Helping Hand from Nancy Isime, ‘Mizwanneka’ Takes Fraudulent Hair Business to Ghana”

Hmmmmmm.i buy from her and she delivers ,she states it there that delivery commences after 20days. If you pay you know not to expect hair immediately .if you need hair immediately just go to the gallery and buy off the shelf.for the records I have never won any cash gift or anything from her but I think its good you understand how people want to run their business before buying and this whole publication is not nice I have bought like 4 times and she delivers. People should read terms and conditions before buying sales item abeg,…this is not nice at all.and how did you get your figures,did you interview people or you just decided to write this based on grapevine. Its bad on all levels and the best you can do is to reach out to her to hear her part of the stories.i stand a young woman striving to carve a niche for her self in a highly dominated industry. The first time i bought i wasnt use to her delivery method,I reached out to her customer care and they attended to me well.i eventually got my hair. Did this people send a msg to customer care or even call the nos,cos usually for everytime I buy her representatives calls from different department like 3 sef to confirm my order,and I hope this people filled the form in the link using her bio.Nigerian dnt like process and they should learn to do things the right way and follow due process.For the records I dnt know her personally or ever won anything from her give aways before
just a satisfied customer who came across this link via adenike,s post and decided to read.get your fact right !sales isn’t for every body.lets learn not to tarnish people’s image….its a lot of work to get a business working in Nigeria.the government is doing their own,we cnt be doing ours as well.its wrong on all level. I come in peace #yolo

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Published 29th Mar, 2021

By Socrates Mbamalu


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