16.06.2024 Featured Z Cash Agent Threatens Oyo Farmer Before Loan Repayment Date

Published 16th Jun, 2024

By Tola Owoyele

Abdul Aweda (not real name), an Oyo State-based farmer, has recounted how Z Cash, an online money-lending outfit, harassed and threatened him a day before an N8,500 loan he borrowed was due for repayment.

Aweda told FIJ that he was yet to recover from the trauma he suffered as a result of the incident, which occurred on June 9.

“While I was on my farm on June 3, I found myself in an emergency situation that led to me parting with all the money I had on me, both cash and the little I had in my account. Thankfully, I was able to resolve the emergency issue with the money,” he said.

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Aweda's dashboard
Aweda’s dashboard

“I, however, no longer had the transport fare to pay for my journey back home and that of the other workers I had hired to come work for me on the farm.

“This then meant that we were stranded on my farm.”

Aweda told FIJ that it was at that moment that one of the farmers he had hired suggested the idea of online borrowing to him.

“I had never tried it in my life. This was because of the horrible things I hear they usually subject people who borrow from them to,” Aweda said.

“Because I had no other option at that point, the farmer who came up with the suggestion asked me to download the Z Cash application.

Threats Aweda Received
Threats Aweda Received

“After I registered my details, I was able to borrow N8,500 from them. In return, I was to pay back N12,733 on June 10.”

Aweda said he received an unpleasant message from a Z Cash agent on June 9, a day before the N12,733 repayment was due.

“The agent sent me a message, asking me to avoid unnecessary humiliation and disgrace by making repayment immediately,” he said.

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Z Cash's Threat
Z Cash’s Threat

“This immediately got me unsettled because I knew the repayment was not due. I quickly went to check the dash board again and found out that I was right.

“I tried explaining to the agent that my repayment was not due, but he or she would not listen.

“The next thing I saw was another message from the same agent, saying I should continue acting like I was a fraudulent person and that my family wouldn’t have peace of mind.

“He or she also went as far as sending all my contacts’ phone numbers to me, saying they would soon be sent messages that would describe me as a fraudster.

“The agent’s threats rattled me, and I am yet to get over the incident. I personally know of someone who ended up committing suicide because of how these people humiliated her. I am not sure this is right.

“Although I have been able to pay the money back, the fact still remains that I have not been the same person in terms of my mental well-being since the incident happened.

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“There was a time the FCCPC was able to curb their excesses. I don’t think that is happening anymore. I am traumatised.”

FIJ made several phone calls to the Z Cash agent responsible for the messages sent to the farmer for a reaction on Thursday morning, but they were not responded to.

Despite reading a WhatsApp message from FIJ, the agent still did not respond.

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Published 16th Jun, 2024

By Tola Owoyele


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